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Glorious, Stubborn New Yorkers!

Rider cleans up Nazi graffiti -- Twitter.

Rider cleans up Nazi graffiti — Twitter.

Magnificent New Yorkers, at first appalled and silenced by nazi graffiti all over the subway car they found themselves in, pulled themselves together and removed every last bit of it. Warms up my little black heart, it does.

Gregory Locke wrote in his facebook:

I got on the subway in Manhattan tonight and found a Swastika on every advertisement and every window. The train was silent as everyone stared at each other, uncomfortable and unsure what to do.

One guy got up and said, “Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie. We need alcohol.” He found some tissues and got to work. I’ve never seen so many people simultaneously reaching into their bags and pockets looking for tissues and Purel. Within about two minutes, all the Nazi symbolism was gone.

Nazi symbolism. On a public train. In New York City. In 2017.

“I guess this is Trump’s America,” said one passenger. No sir, it’s not. Not tonight and not ever. Not as long as stubborn New Yorkers have anything to say about it.

Wherever you find yourself, stand. If you’re scared, reach out, we can all stand easier with one another. Via Raw Story.

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