1. rq says

    I like the third one, I’m pretty sure the black robin is giving side-eye to that sparrow. “I’m begging for food here, go away!”

  2. quotetheunquote says

    Ooooo! That Yellowhammer! (at least, I think it’s a Yellowhammer) Beeeea-utiful! So nice to see a spot of colour like that on an otherwise monochromatic canvas.


  3. says

    Raucous Indignation:

    You’ve been here 242 days? It has flown by. Congratulations!

    It’s been a bit more than that! My first post was on March 14th, 016, and I started The Daily Bird on May 23rd, 016. So it’s 283 Days!

  4. says

    @rq I was thinking whether to add that or not. I added it for amusement value, as a “blooper reel”. I was trying to photograph the blackbird female and this little bugger just strode into the picture and stole the lights from her.
    @quotetheunquote I think it is yellowhammer. For a time I thought it was a serin, but probably not. However I am not sure, because those two birds look similar and I have never seen them side by side nor have I had them identified to me by an expert. And the pictures are not exceptionally well, the camera had difficulty with tiny birds against bright white background.

  5. cicely says

    1st pic favorite: very striking!
    2nd pic: The Dinosaur Screams Defiance!
    3rd pic: What?????

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    Blackbirds are stylish. Here, it’s mustarastas (black thrush) and yellowhammer is keltasirkku (yellow bunting, I think sirkku is vaguely onomatopoeic and also a woman’s name).

    Expressive photos. The photobombing yellowhammer gives a nice visual contrast.

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