Cool Stuff Friday.

Weather. We all live with it, complain about it, cope with it. And some people take stunning photos of it:

Credit: Camelia Czuchnicki.

Credit: Camelia Czuchnicki.

A clash between two storm cells in New Mexico, US in June 2014, each with it’s own rotating updraft. It appeared as though one updraft was anticyclonic, resulting in a very turbulent scene. The curved striations of the oldest noticeable against the new bubbling convection of the newer.

You can see 2016 Weather Photographer finalists here.

Everyone knows the importance of kerning, right? Nope:


Bored Panda has many more fine examples of the fine art of kerning being egregiously ignored.

And, the coolest way to stay safe! Monkey Lights:



  1. rq says

    Weather photos, yes please! Your sample photo is just epic.
    Monkey lights -- that looks like something worth looking into.

  2. rq says

    Also, I like how not all pictures are raging storms, as incredible as they are.
    (I’ve always wanted to send in a homey travel photo -- you know, of some old country home the next county over, instead of some dashing exotic locale. I mean far and exotic and epic are all good things, but there’s different intense feelings from travelling just beyond your own doorstep. And besides, your neighbourhood will be exotic to someone out there…)

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