Oh, it’s a cosmic impulse to conquer.

Richard Spencer (Facebook).

Richard Spencer (Facebook).

Tim Wise has a good, in depth article up about the current crop of wannabe nazis, and how they can’t always manage to talk the talk, let alone walk the walk. So far, their de facto leader, Richard Spencer seems to be more concerned with polishing up the image of the “new identitarians” in an attempt to make them look all spiffy and intellectual. Just a bit here:

So again the question: how do white nationalists propose to bring such a thing about without violence?

The question was asked of Spencer recently, on at least two occasions. First by a Washington Post reporter and then during the Q&A session following his public presentation at Texas A&M University this week. And in both instances he tried to dodge the implications of his position. Though reluctant to offer many specifics about how one might attain a “white ethno-state” in America, he was ultimately forced to concede to the reporter from the Post, however dispassionately, that bringing his vision to fruition may require actions that would be “horribly bloody and terrible.” Then, at A&M, asked the same question by a black guy who demanded to know what white nationalists would seek to do with him, and how they planned to make it happen, a clearly nervous Spencer — not well-practiced when it comes to staring down a black man daring him to start some shit — was reduced to saying, “I’m not making you leave…You’re a citizen…you’re here.” In other words, he wouldn’t have to go anywhere: a statement that will come as quite a surprise to the Nazi shock troops who need and have come to expect from Richard a more unapologetic approach. Simply put, and using the terminology favored by the movement of which Spencer is such an integral part, he got cucked, hard. In the end, he went from being a brash and bloviating mini-Hitler, ranting to the audience about how “this is our Goddamned country!” to a feeble and frightened child or pathetic internet troll—a persona all too common to the movement and far more ubiquitous than the muscular brownshirt types they would like us to envision. Edward Norton in American History X they are not.

But make no mistake, ethnic cleansing and the violent removal of non-whites is exactly what they desire, no matter how unwilling they are to say so in the presence of black and brown peoples, like the ones upon whom they would need to make war, or simply away from the safe and breezy confines of a national media interview. In their private spaces or writings they acknowledge it, the way David Duke did in his autobiography, where he wrote that America must become an all white nation “no matter the cost or whatever sacrifices it takes,” that it will be necessary for “whites to prevail in a revolutionary physical struggle” over people of color and Jews, that whites must be “Aryan warriors,” and that “before the battle is over, many of us will find a heroic death… a physical revolution may be required…” Their entire worldview is about domination and subordination, and we know this because of something else Spencer has been saying recently, in interviews as well as speeches: the one at the National Policy Institute conference in DC, right after the presidential election, and the one at Texas A&M. Specifically, he has been quite adamant in proclaiming that whites are a people defined by a cosmic impulse to conquer.

Aha! So now we know what’s wrong with a lot of white people, they just have this cosmic imperative to be genocidal maniacs. How else could they possibly feel superior to everyone else?

Although Spencer insists he is not a supremacist because he doesn’t seek to rule over anyone else, the intellectual hard-on you can see him popping every time he professes the conquering impulse of whiteness — and his own admission that he gets literal wood reading about Napoleon — betrays his real sympathies all too visibly. But the inconsistency here — professing to believe in white conquest of others but not domination of them — is hardly the most internally inconsistent part of his worldview.

This can be most seriously filed under shit I did not need to know. Does anyone need to know that? Why in the fuckety fuck would anyone disclose such a thing? Eeeuw. Please, wannabe nazi or no, I don’t want to know a damn thing about your wank material. I will now declare this an excellent time to get myself back to other work for a while.

Tim Wise’s full article is highly recommended, have a read!


  1. Siobhan says

    Cornering bigots into divulging policy specifics is my favourite hobby. All smoke and no fire.

  2. says


    At first I read ‘cosmic’ as ‘cosmetic’.

    Given Spencer’s preoccupation with the new nazi image, it’s apt enough.

  3. Patricia Phillips says

    Ugh, what a horrible, twisted person. Many of his photos show him with a dead eyed stare -- if eyes are indeed ‘the window of the soul’, I’ve seen more life and ‘soul’ in the eyes of dead salmon than in photos of this guy. I worry that dead-eyed fools like Spencer, Duke and friends are going to get very bold under Trump. Read the other day that membership in the KKK is going up.

  4. says

    Can’t they get their brains around the fact that it’s a problem with white skins? White skin makes people aggressive, violent, and nasty.

    Oh, wait, was that racist?

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