N’éteins pas la lumière.


If you’re a fan of Bernard Minier, and have read The Frozen Dead and The Circle, his latest, Don’t Turn Out the Light, is finally available to us ‘mericans, always the last to get the good stuff. For some strange reason, uStates publishers decided that light needed to be plural. Just got it downloaded, I has reading to do! I need to learn about 7 languages so I don’t have to wait years for uStates publishers to get off their collective arses.



  1. rq says

    The plural lights are actually grammatically correct in this context (it’s a weird nuance thing even though either would work?).
    Sounds like another recommended author to put on the must-read list.

  2. says

    Ah, that’s good to know. It’s always interesting to see how other countries deal with titles and covers. Europeans do much better covers, as far as I’m concerned, but that probably has to do with a willingness to pay artists.

    The Frozen Dead is a fantastic book. The opening murder is one of the best ever. Too many people blabbed about it right away, spoiling things, which annoyed me no end. (I wasn’t spoiled, I found that out later, thankfully.)

    There are, of course, some problematic bits, but there always are. The main protagonist is not your average cop, being classically minded and prone to depression, and there’s also a bisexual, married, poly cop on his team, a single, sexually active woman, and another cop in the story who is a lesbian, and it’s stuffed with memorable characters, and the location is great too, the French Pyrenees.

    The Circle is written very differently, and was a bit more difficult to get into, but a great story, and once you finish, you know it had to be written that way, to keep the spin. I’m really looking forward to the work day ending so I can get into this one.

  3. rq says

    Thanks for the additional recommendations. I’m working through a trilogy that I should have finished years ago, but I might put some of this stuff (or Hines, haven’t got around to him yet, either!) on the list up next. Also I discovered that, as of early next year, I will be two Expanse books behind, and that Aaronovitch is coming out with a … sixth?, which hopefully I won’t read in one afternoon at work this time. :/

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