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    :) Aaaaand, just in time, Joann coupons showed up, so I can get my preferred batting in king size for $30.00, rather than $60.00.

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    Caine, I have to say that I really admire your art. I am a failure of an artist, I never got the knack of abstracting, of potraying the spirit of the thing and not only the look of it. I always got tangled up in unnecessary details and attempts at completely irrelevant realism.

    What you got here is the life of a horse, its breath, its vitality, its essence -- without the actual horse itself. Something that only a true artist can achieve. Had I have a hat, I would tip it to you.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    That is fucking gorgeous, and I am unspeakably envious of your talent.

    But mostly, that is fucking gorgeous.

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    Marcus, Cuttlefish, and Saad, thank you so much! The inner part of this horse was done with various fabric sprays, but using a brush instead. A bit scary, because that stuff bleeds like crazy, not easy to control at all. Fun though. :D

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