At Play.

When your body is uncooperative, and your brain insists on staying on vacation, it is time to play. I’ve been wanting to use the Sharpie Fabric Markers I got on Wednesday, so I raided Rick’s closet, what with him being the T-shirt King and all. I’m even using colours he likes, gosh, I’m so sweet. ;D (I really wanted to run amok with purple.) Sharpie makes much larger packs, with many more colours, but I got the small pack of nine markers, because $20.00 for them. All in all, right now I favour paint, because I have lots more paint, so I can do more, but the markers are fun to use, and work well. They are bleedy, especially when running across the grain. If you don’t mind that too much, go full blast and have fun! I would tack on a serious caution if you’re going to use these on a fine weave, or high thread count. I suspect the bleed might get out of control. Definitely test first, always test first.




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  1. says

    There’s probably a trick like starch to keep down the bleeds but it’d take a lot of r&d to figure out the right sizing to use and how to wash it out afterward. I used to love figuring that kind of thing out but now I’m too impatient.

    (Looks over at shop desk) airbrush!! Ever do anything with an airbrush?

  2. says

    Marcus, no airbrush. Supplies are spendy enough as they are. I’m also more than a bit of a control freak, I like having a very tight control indeed.

    These markers are fun, but I’d recommend them more for mostly outline work, with small bits of colour. Short, sharp strokes work best. When it comes to sizing fabric and such, you can’t use any of that stuff on fabric prior to painting with anything. It prevents proper permeation, and you’ll end up with a mess once it’s washed.

  3. says

    Oh my, that’s all I need, more toys! ;D

    I had meant to add that removable masking products are made for fabric, if you want to mess about with it.

  4. rq says

    Oooooh noooo, Rick’s poor t-shirts, however will they survive this onslaught of art and colour!

  5. says

    Rick’s a lucky guy in so many way.
    And if you completely mess up a shirt you can always turn it into a skirt for you (there’s a dress the kids always introduce as “it used to be dad’s but he grew out of it”)
    Also, general tip for fabric: No conditioner. If you have the stuff in the wardrobe, best wash prior to painting or dying.

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