1. stellatree says

    The colors are wonderful. I love the motion of the fringe and the ribbons, you can see all the energy and grace in a still picture.

  2. stellatree says

    In the last picture, the woman on the far right is wearing a headdress I have seen on a few other women who were wearing sashes, apparently pageant winners. Is that type of headdress traditional and/or a modern interpretation of a pageant crown?

    Also, the picture of the little bustle dancer with just the tip of his toe on the ground! Love that shot. I wish I had that energy!

  3. says

    As far as I know, the beaded pageant headdresses are more of a modern thing. I do believe a headdress of that type is traditional in one branch of Tsalagi (Cherokee) people, but I could be very wrong about that one.

    I just love the young dancer in the second shot. There’s nothing like the enthusiasm and energy of kids.

  4. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I wouldn’t know which pattern/style is associated with which tribe or tradition, but there are some quite distinctive styles that really make it clear how varied the different cultures are. Lovely, every one of them.

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