U.S. History Special Victims Unit.

I…no words.

According to the document, African-Americans “took full advantage” of welfare programs that were created by President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society.”

“The long-term results, however, have been devastating,” the document says. “Over three centuries of a strong work ethic, cohesive families, the thirst for education and Christian values as vital parts of the African-American heritage gave way to long-term dependence on the government and the erosion of the work ethic.”

Another section of the packet claims that “[t]he cause for women took steps backward when President Bill Clinton, notorious womanizer as Governor of AR, was publicly accused by Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Wiley, Paul Jones, Dolly Kyle, and others of rape and harassment.”

“First Lady Hillary Clinton joined her husband’s attack on the victim and she ‘stood by her man,’ thereby setting back some distance the cause of the women’s fight against exploitation,” the lesson adds.

It goes on to claim that “black lives did not matter so much” to President Barack Obama because he presided over a “disastrous economy for eight years.”

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  1. johnson catman says

    I am so glad that I do not have children. I would be very angry that this christianist bullshit was being used as “educational material”. It is better suited as toilet paper.

  2. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    I was a teacher’s aid for the VERY FIRST YEAR of Project Head Start … I don’t remember “diminishing parental responsibility” as being part of our mission statement. Most of the children were extremely low-income Hispanic. Their parents work ethic, dedication to Christianity (although Catholic, not Evangelical), and marriage vows all survived intact.

    We did ease the children into the routine of school, teach them enough English that they had half a chance of understanding classrooms, make sure they knew what crayons and paper were, and fed them two meals a day.

    One of my students from that class turned into one heck of a mechanic -- never wanted to start his own garage, he was smart enough to let other guys deal with that. Another student turned into a good commercial artist. No freeloaders.

    The FREELOADER is the El Grande Cheetoh … paying few taxes, using a charity as a piggybank, and ripping off hundreds of hard-working business owners by his serial bankruptcies and flat out refusal to honor his contracts. And if she wants to talk about the “erosion of morals” … look at the Philanderers’ Club surrounding the Cheetoh.

  3. says

    Also no mention of how job discrimination would interact with fears of people taking advantage of welfare programs. I remember my parents talking about that in the 1960s.

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