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Trying to catch up here, when I can get a signal. Ooh, let’s see. Many elders spoke yesterday afternoon and into evening. Rick was back in the kitchen cooking frybread. Emmet (in the yellow shirt) who is 84, soon to be 85, who has been organizing runs all over the world since 1971, to spread the message that we are all related and that all life is sacred, spoke of the many places he has been in the world; and his most memorable run, in 80 below windchill, running with the four-leggeds, wild horses, and how that was such an honor, to be allowed to run with them. Dolores Taken Alive spoke, as one of the oldest residents of Standing Rock, of how it is time for our way of life to become the way of life for all people. Bear Woman spoke of the United States bankruptcy in 1933, and treason against treaties. Youth rallies will be taking place on Tuesday, to get prepared for winter. (We’ll be bringing wood in next week). There are now more flags here than the United Nations. A delegation from Samson Cree from Alberta, Canada was here yesterday, and presented their flag. Solemn people, who are fighting so hard for their land and water. A Haudenosaunee women’s group of singers came into camp, and sang two beautiful songs. A young Apache woman from New Mexico introduced herself yesterday, with a voice full of tears and joy. Robby Romero is here, and he sang Heartbeat. Joan Baez showed up last night, and there was a rap concert which lasted for hours.

A person donated a brand new Toyota truck yesterday, and today, a gorgeous bus pulled in, full of supplies, and with the news the bus was being donated, too! It was roasting hot yesterday, but the winds came up last night, and are still with us. Chill and windy windy today. Oh, also, a huge semi truck came in last night, completely loaded with wood.













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    Usps is reporting “receptacle blocked” on attempt to deliver my box ‘o suds. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I also had amazon ship a short stack of solar laptop chargers and 10 israeli-made gas masks (that was back when things looked to be getting rough) those are showing delivery pending. I wonder what’ll happen.

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    Marcus, I don’t know what’s going on with packages. I expect people are trying to process things as fast as they can, and I don’t know what the eff the postal system might be doing, probably checking everything for bombs or weapons, because the cops refuse to believe this is a peace community.

    Yay for communityists! :D

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