Trigger Happy Cops? Yes.

Indianapolis police shoot homeowner (Vic Ryckaert/Twitter).

Indianapolis police shoot homeowner (Vic Ryckaert/Twitter).

Officers were called shortly after 4:30 a.m. to a robbery call at a home in the Warren Woods neighborhood, reported the Indianapolis Star.

The homeowner opened his garage door when officers arrived, and they found him standing inside armed with a gun.

Police shot the man at least once in the midsection, believing he was the robbery suspect.

They soon realized their error, after initially reporting the suspect had been shot, and the man remains in serious condition at an area hospital.

Police learned the homeowner’s wife had arrived home from a work a short time earlier and was held up at gunpoint by a robber who then took her car keys.

The robber was unable to start the car and then fled on foot, but not before the couple reported the attempted carjacking.

The suspect remains at large.

Other residents of the neighborhood, which is 59 percent black according to U.S. Census records, said the shooting was outrageous.

“I think that’s really crazy,” said resident Angela Parrott, who has lived in the neighborhood for about a year. “What do we have, trigger-happy police officers out here now?”

The homeowner’s name has not yet been released, and police said the shooting remains under investigation and will be presented before a grand jury.

“Our prayers and thoughts are with him and the rest of the family,” said Randal Taylor, the assistant chief of investigations for Indianapolis police. “Just an unfortunate occurrence.”

No. No Mr. Taylor, this was not an unfortunate occurrence. An unfortunate occurrence is something like dropping your keys in a deep puddle of mud, when you’re running late and dressed up. Shooting someone in the abdomen? That’s intentional. It’s also bloody stupid, because the way cops are trained to act is bloody stupid too. You cops know damn well that just about every person in uStates is armed, you know that very well, given the sheer amount of cops who are against gun control, so cops going on autoshoot is especially stupid. Stupid isn’t strong enough. Words, need better, newer words for the depth of this ongoing malicious paranoia. What happened to “drop your weapon” before opening fire? Is that passé now? What about all that chemical spray, tasers, all that stuff? It would seem that every cop out there has decided to go full on scaredy pants and just open fire on anything and anyone.

Oh, I know the answer, pick me! The answer is 59 percent black.

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    Seriously, I don’t know what the point is in calling the cops anymore, you’ll just yourself shot.

    Someone asked me recently what would happen if my home was invaded by a masked gunman. Would I call the cops?

    I’m a cishet white dude, and I honestly don’t think it’d be worth calling the cops. And if the gunman was black? I’m almost positive I wouldn’t. I’ve lost that much trust in the US police force.

    And that’s fucked up.

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