The Old One, Part I.

From Giliell:

There’s an old tree in the yet to be rented property behind our garden, mostly overgrown and partially dead.. I don’t know if and how it can be saved, but it is glorious in its current decay.

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  1. dakotagreasemonkey says

    I can’t tell what kind of tree this is, other than it is deciduous. Moss has started on the dead parts, photo 2. Photo 3 shows me an infestation of Ivy. Ivy grows on stone, buildings, and trees by sending rootlets out at every budding to seek water. Ivy has crumbled mountains, historical buildings, and trees. What better water source to find, when there is sugar in the water? When the roots of the tree die, so will the ivy, and the moss will take the tree back to dirt.

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