1. rq says

    The intricate detail is amazing, and the whole composition is so alive! Dynamic. Even though unfinished.

  2. johnson catman says

    It is really quite mesmerizing. My eyes just wander up and down the tree.

    I have another question for you: How much will the finished product weigh? With so many skeins of yarn/thread used, it seems like it would be kind of weighty. But for a quilt, that is not a bad thing!

  3. says

    Johnson catman @ 3:

    How much will the finished product weigh?

    That I don’t know. The Dragon quilt I linked in the previous post comes in at just under 2 lbs, but that is very light embroidery. Right now, the tree quilt feels very light to me, but it’s probably heavier than I think. I expect it will be fairly weighty when it’s done, but the batting and the additonal fabric makes up a lot of that, so I won’t know until I’m done!


    Thank you!

    Marcus, thank you!

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