1. Lofty says

    Just thought I’d mention that a koala is not a species of “bear”. It’s a “koala”. Cheers.

    The way to locate a koala is to make a loud banging noise, or listen after a small plane goes by. The koala challenges the intruding noise with a guttural call resembling slightly that of a pig. Quite funny seeing someone who hears the call for the first time. Most of the time they sleep wedged into a swaying tree fork, for which purpose their wedge shaped bums are well suited.

    And they’re really quite amiable, they have no natural predators except humans and now pet dogs. While its unwise to startle one (they may think you’re a tree of refuge and their claws are dagger like), once they’ve noticed a human they generally ignore you as they wander slowly from tree to tree via the ground between. There are always a few around here as the valley behind our house is across a low traffic road from a small national park.

  2. David Brindley says

    As Lofty says, it ain’t no bear, it is a marsupial. Its closest relative is the wombat, a ground dwelling marsupial.

    If you are ever fortunate enough to camp near a large colony of koalas when they are mating you will also be fortunate to sleep that night. Their mating is incredibly noisy and pig like.

    When camping in the Australian bush one must always take care to avoid the koala’s other relative -- the drop bear.

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