Your Ass WILL get run over! Period!

unnamedIt would be nice if those public servants of ours were at least smart enough to keep their bigotry off social media. Do they think no one is going to read it?

A Columbia Fire Department captain is out of a job after taking to Facebook and threatening to run over Black Lives Matter activists who were protesting raising the Confederate flag at the state house by a secessionist group, reports the Charlotte Observer.

Capt. Jimmy Morris, a 16-year veteran of the fire department, was dismissed after his superiors were alerted about two Facebook posts he wrote Sunday night.

As reports came in that protesters had blocked the I-126 freeway late Sunday afternoon, Morris wrote: “Idiots shutting down I-126. Better not be there when I get off work or there is gonna be some run over dumb asses.”

One hour later he updated his Facebook page with, “Public Service Announcement: If you attempt to shut down an interstate, highway, etc on my way home, you best hope I’m not one of the first vehicles in line because your ass WILL get run over! Period! That is all….”


Jenkins also noted that Morris, who is white, works out of a firehouse that serves a predominately minority neighborhood and that the post by the fireman prompted threatening calls to the station house.

“We are honored and proud to live and participate in the communities we serve,” said Jenkins. “Unfortunately, a member of the Columbia Fire Department has discredited the reputation of the men and women who serve this Department.”

I suppose we should be grateful that these assholes are sidelining themselves.

Full story here.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Carolina, some officers claimed to have been served chicken wings with sauce so hot it was inedible, and were subjected to rude comments by employees. Naturally, people are talking:

“Hey Zaxby’s, You let crap like this happen in your restaurants???” posted Facebook user Kim Gordon. “The manager and staff should be fired! ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎Youshouldbeashamed”

“I hope the thug fools who were working last night and treated these law enforcement officers with such disrespect gets FIRED!” posted Facebook user Linda Susan Dellinger. “I will Not ever go near zaxbys after this.”

“Fire their disrespectful black asses IMMEDIATELY,” posted Facebook user Randy Webb.

Full story here.


  1. rq says

    See, when I first saw this, I thought he’d been going on about how he’d run over them while attending an emergency call somewhere (still inexcusable!), but I’m pretty sure in that case the protestors would let the engine pass… but no, he’s just worried about his commute home. How lovely. I’m glad they fired him.

  2. says

    Was that the “serve” or “protect” part he was exhibiting there?

    (thanks to amazon prime, I got a refill on my snark tank for only $19.95 with quick ship!)

  3. says

    chicken wings with sauce so hot it was inedible

    Was that at the racist bar that Saad was talking about? That bar?

    Actually one of the worst things you can do to a cop is casually ask them how they can eat all that free food they cadge from donut shops and diners, because there’s gotta be a LOT of spit and other bodily fluids in there… Then watch their face.

  4. says

    I have no doubt that FD captain was cheering when European truckers tried to run over refugees walking beside roads. He’s that sordid sort of person.

  5. Dunc says

    Anybody want to give me odds on the chances that the folks complaining about those cops being served “inedible” food also believe that businesses should be allowed to refuse service to customers because they don’t like their sexual orientation or gender expression (and possibly other characteristics they won’t deign to mention)?

    As I believe Marcus has said previously elsewhere, being a cop is a lifestyle choice.

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