The Christian Contagion.

We’ve all been watching the rise of white nationalism, going on everywhere, not just in uStates. The march of wannabe fascism is never alone though, it’s always hand in hand with a religion. This is hardly the tidal wave Christians make it out to be, but it’s not nothing, either. When times are interesting, people often turn to religion, and the times we are living in are interesting, to say the least.

People from all over Europe flocked to Nantes, France, last week to seek the Lord at the Grande Conference.

The purpose of the conference this year was to call an increasingly secular Europe back to a true relationship with God.

The key phrase of the conference was “mercy triumphs over judgment,” a banner declaring God’s ability to heal and restore Europe.

Chris Gore, a minister from Bethel Church in California spoke at the event and posted about it on Facebook. He says hundreds of people encountered the gospel and surrendered their hearts to Christ.

“The first session of the conference, over 70 percent of over 1,000 people gave their lives to Jesus for the first time,” Gore writes. “The hope of this nation is the gospel.”

Not only did hundreds of people give their lives to Christ, thousands more experienced life-changing miracles.

“Europe is alive for Jesus! What an incredible night in France. We saw tonight around 2,000 miracles and exactly 100 reports of deaf ears opening,” Gore posted along with a video of an auditorium full of people praising God.

The revival comes in a time when most news headlines bear grim news about Europe. Gore believes the key to overcoming the darkness surrounding Europe is equipping believers to be the light of the world.


The revival is not just staying in France. Gore and other ministers from around the world are also traveling to conferences in Germany and Austria later this month to change the spiritual condition of Europe with the power of the gospel.

It’s important to remember history here. Wannabe fascists have never  been shy about grabbing onto religion and using it as a vehicle to attain their rise. Here in the States, we’re already watching that one take place. Full Story Here.


  1. says


    Religious shucksters taking advantage of people being scared…..

    Yes. And here we are, repeating history yet again.

  2. rq says

    It’s interesting, I just started reading a novel by Elizabeth Bear. It’s not a particularly new novel (honestly, I don’t remember the actual title because on my reader it just shows up as “Wetwired 01” -- ah, this one), and so far it is excellent, but it takes place in a sort of quasi-post-apocalyptic world where Canada had closed its borders with the USoA due to their economic and religious issues -- namely, Christian Fascism. It was weird, reading that descriptive section, because it seemed so precognitive. Then again, it’s from 2004, so I guess it was just good extrapolation from the symptoms already present.

  3. blf says

    We saw tonight around 2,000 miracles

    Nah, that was just the mildly deranged passing through at speed after hearing reports of a new fromagerie. You can tell by the penguin-shaped holes in the walls, perhaps a few penguin feathers drifting about in the dusty air, and the lingering l’eau du hareng smell.

    A real miracle would be if she hadn’t investigated the new shop.

  4. rq says

    Also, please don’t let these people come to Europe anymore, thanks. They’ve already done enough damage.

  5. says


    Also, please don’t let these people come to Europe anymore, thanks. They’ve already done enough damage.

    Truth. They aren’t going to stop, though. There’s a lot of anti-immigration bigotry going on in Germany right now, like everywhere else, and that’s where they are landing next.

  6. rq says

    Ugh. I just know these people have been instrumental in planting a lot of anti-abortion sentiment around here, just like the USAmerican anti-vaxxers have done a fine job of instilling an anti-vax fear in quite a significant proportion of the population. Though on that one, there’s a lot of propaganda from our neighbours to the east, too -- but how much of that is originaly from the USoA, I don’t know…
    Anyway, it’s always struck me as slightly odd that the nationalist party here (read: something very close to fascist), whose ultimate hero is a guy who fought against the crusaders and christianity , but they’re so conservative christian in their values (right down to ‘this country was founded on christian values of traditional family etc. etc.’, you know the script)… So they’re very susceptible to European visits from such evangelists, and what with the “everything the Soviets banned was a Good Thing” attitude (therefore, religion is actually the right way to follow), there’s definitely sympathy within the population, too.

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