Make That Twelve.

Gov. Phil Bryant. AP Photo.

Gov. Phil Bryant. AP Photo.

On Wednesday, I posted Eleven States Sue in the Name of Bigotry. Phil Bryant wants to make it twelve.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant plans to join 11 states in a suit against the Obama administration for issuing a guidance document May 13 that suggests public schools allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity.

“In regards to the 11 state lawsuit against the Obama administration over its bathroom directive, our office has talked to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office and I intend, as soon as possible, to join the lawsuit against this latest example of federal overreach,” the governor wrote on his Facebook page Thursday.

Just what it is these asses think they are proving, I don’t know. From my perspective, they are doing a fine job of proving their brains are atrophied and their prime characteristic is that of throwing a temper tantrum.

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  1. johnson catman says

    I think a lot of them are still pissed off that minorities realized a civil rights victory over fifty years ago. Many of them would have been school age at the time and had to attend class with minority students for the first time. Then, last year’s SCOTUS decision allowing gay people to legally marry triggered a shitstorm. Their loss of privilege coupled with the loss of the ability to oppress another marginalized group angered them. It will probably take the death of the generation before the US will be able to fully accept the concept of equality for LGBT people.

  2. johnson catman says

    Caine @2:
    Well me too. I am right in the middle of that generation. I started first grade in 1965. The first four years, the schools in my county were still segregated. I had one black girl in my classes those years. (Her parents must have been radicals!) My father was pretty racist, though he wasn’t in the KKK. I don’t think we will achieve Star Trek levels of equality in my lifetime, but I hope we can get much closer.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    At least with regard to Mississippi, you always have to remember that, after the schools were officially desegregated, the Powers What Be put their own kids into church “academies” and starved public school budgets to bare-bones levels, basically holding cells for the lower classes.

    A couple of generations later, the demagogues find themselves steering, and steered by, a crowd of resentful near-illiterates. Whatever agenda the False Noise Network and the road-rage radio ranters set -- particularly the pursuit of given scapegoats -- the (successful white) politicians have no alternative (not that Bryant has ever shown any inclination otherwise).

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