‘We agree with God’ on controversial HB2.



RALEIGH – U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, with the support of President Obama, recently referred to transgender struggles as an issue of “civil rights.” Faith leaders who stood in front of the Capitol building Tuesday called Lynch’s remarks “offensive.”

“We’re here to debunk and dispel the many fallacious ideologies that people have attached to HB2, which is simply common sense legislation,” said John Amanchukwu, youth pastor at Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh. “Our president and our Attorney General Loretta Lynch have made some inflammatory comments and statements that are erroneous at best. A person’s ability to self-identify as something they are not has nothing to do with civil rights.”

“The language of ‘civil rights’ shouldn’t be hijacked to give privileges to the politically vocal while taking away freedoms from people disfavored by government,” said Bishop Patrick Wooden, senior pastor and bishop of Upper Room Church. “As you can see, I am African-American. I have been African-American since birth; God made me this way. For the attorney general to equate the legitimate struggle of the civil rights movement to the things that HB2 stands for is embarrassing and is wrong.”

Clarence Henderson, chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Civil Rights, participated in the Greensboro Woolworth sit-ins during the civil rights movement. He said transgender identity is a “feeling” and that to call it a “movement” offends him.

“I stand before you to tell you what civil rights is and what it isn’t. It certainly isn’t transgender (identification)… If you were born a man, that’s who you are. If you were born a female, that’s who you are. Tell me how you’re going to tell the families that came on those slave ships, in chains… tell their families (that it is comparable) to transgender (identity),” he said. “You tell me how many transgender people have been lynched.”

Oh, so now people have to be lynched to qualify for human rights? How about transgender people being disproportionately murdered every day? How about them being beaten and harassed at a continuous high level? How about continuous discrimination? I guess only lynchings will do.

Pastor Kenneth Fontenot, senior pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Wilson, said no law intended to protect a minority should be passed at the expense of the majority. “The laws passed in the 1960s did not bless black people while they hurt white people,” he said.

Really? There were a whole lot of white people at the time who would have most seriously disagreed with you.

Fontenot highlighted his point by pouring maple syrup on a stack of bread, saying that covering bread in syrup does not make it pancakes.

If you don’t have the money or means to make pancakes, syrup on bread will do nicely. Maybe you prefer bread with syrup, so what? Pancakes are made with same fucking ingredients as bread. You could say it’s just a matter of expression.

“It has become more and more challenging each day to witness our common sense liberties and freedoms being challenged and assaulted by an overreach of more and more government. I strongly believe that restrooms and showers separated by biological sex is common sense, not discrimination,” said Leon Threatt, senior pastor at Christian Faith Assembly in Charlotte.

Gabriel Rogers, senior pastor at Kingdom Christian Church in Charlotte, said that just like God loves everyone, so do the ministers, but if the government gives liberties to transgender people, it’s difficult to police the ill-willed with predatory intentions protected by the same law.

Oh yes, because we’re doing such a great job of policing the ill-willed with predatory intentions now, aren’t we? You can’t even manage to police all the ill-willed predatory actions by those who consider themselves upright people of god.

“What are we going to do with the trauma when our young girls and our young boys are exposed to (opposite sex) genitalia? What are we going to do when someone is confused about their own sexuality because they’ve been exposed to someone who was confused in and of themselves?” he said.

Oh my, the horrible trauma! FFS, aren’t there actual traumas you could wring your hands over?

Jimmy Bention, pastor of Metrolina Christian Center Church of God in Christ in Monroe, was incredulous when he said society is “soft-shoeing” the issue because the conversation is about  “penises and vaginas.”

No, it isn’t. And why are you talking about genitals at all when they are capable of causing irreparable trauma?

Added Wooden: “The African-American community is not monolithic. We’re not rogue pastors. We’re not ashamed to admit we agree with God.”

Golly, I must have missed the world-wide announcement from “god”. Can we get a replay, please?



  1. dianne says

    God spoke to me via divine revelation. They think HB2 is the doofiest thing humans have done since Trump became the presumptive nominee for the Republican party and asks us to please stop it already.

  2. Siobhan says

    We aren’t aware of any criminal movement where people are claiming to be trans, because there aren’t any crimes that you’re ‘allowed’ to commit simply by being a protected group.

    --Jan Buterman

    Everything trans people have been falsely accused of doing is already a crime, regardless of who does it, and nondiscrimination ordinances don’t magically make things like harassment, stalking, nonconsensual voyeurism etc. Not Crimes.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    “The language of ‘civil rights’ shouldn’t be hijacked to give privileges to the politically vocal while taking away freedoms from people disfavored by government,” says Bishop Wooden.

    I wonder if conservative bigots are ever vocal? I also wonder, do some state governments disfavor, say, LGBTQIA communities?

  4. kagekiri says

    More activists showing why they need to “be intersectional, because otherwise they’re bullshit”.

    This jerk wants to weigh lynching against trans hate crimes? How about the black trans women who are getting murdered every other goddamn week?

    They had relatives who were harassed and hated and killed for being black, AND they’re getting murdered and harassed themselves for being trans. We KNOW trans POCs get worse shit and are killed more regularly. There is some fucking overlap.

    Fucking short-sighted assholes, yes, you sufferred, yes you were denied your rights. But if you can’t fucking spare some empathy, if you have to be a crab clawing back other crabs stuck in your same goddamn bucket of discrimination…then what lesson did you learn? How are you any better than your goddamn fucking asshole oppressors?

  5. DanDare says

    It would have been wonderful to have been able to read out your rebuttal immediately after these guys presented their BS. I would have liked to have seen them squirm.

  6. schini says

    We’re not ashamed to admit we agree with God.

    Maybe a tad off topic, but here is a question: if someone is able to conceptualize “agreeing with god”, isn’t it a small step to admit, that this is not always the case? What are the topics on which they do not agree with their deity? Or is that impossible (and if so why?)?

  7. johnson catman says

    Conveniently, their god seems to always agree with what they are saying and thinking. Personally, I would prefer if information from any gods was delivered first-hand instead of through an intermediary. ;-P

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