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Dec 05 2013

The simplest holiday shopping guide ever


This greatly simplifies gift giving. I wish I’d seen it last week — I’m going to have to return a few items now.

Nov 20 2013

The Minnesota grading system

It’s grading time up here in the chilly North; we’ve got midterms we’re plowing through, and finals will come up in less than a month, and the students are all getting anxious. This is Minnesota, though, where we greatly value our emotional equilibrium, and our language emphasizes subtle distinctions that would more typically provoke a …

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Nov 18 2013

A strangely un-Christian view of life

That might be why I like it. Are you living life for the now, or for the ever-receding, never-to-be-reached destination?

Nov 06 2013

Milholland speaks for me


If you read Something*Positive, one of the more cynical webcomics around, you might have noticed that today’s has a little commentary at the bottom. I like it and agree completely. We’ve got the same problem: misogynists, bible colleges, and various religious organizations have gone to the bottom of the trough and use the cheapest advertising …

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Nov 04 2013

That makes sense


Nah, it doesn’t — I’m just screwing with your heads. But it’s a beautiful and majestic philosophy! Whoops, still screwing with you.

Oct 31 2013

Republicans and libertarians, oh my


This comic about sums ‘em up.

Oct 23 2013

So true


Oct 22 2013

The only logical conclusion of the religious right’s attitudes on procreation

The prudes are going to be cornered into accepting this view eventually.

Oct 20 2013

That’s how I always picture God


Oglaf captures the god sentiment exactly right. I’m also going to be suggesting to all the religious people around me that they try peeling their bananas from the other end.

Oct 17 2013

Reparative therapy for bad fantasy?

I don’t have a high opinion of Game of Thrones, but maybe I’ve just been looking at it the wrong way. Maybe, with just a few adjustments, I could be reconciled to it. “Medieval Land Fun Time World” looks excellent. If it has a subplot about some geeky guy trying to lose his virginity, it …

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