Service members call for Limbaugh to be dropped from American Forces Radio

Update: header edited from “Armed Forces Radio” to the correct term, “American Forces Radio”.

Not much else to say: VoteVets, and the women veterans it represents, are calling on the American Forces Network (AFN) to stop airing Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on its network.

The largest progressive group of veterans in America,, is today releasing a statement from three female Iraq war veterans calling on Rush Limbaugh’s show to stop being broadcast by the American Forces Network (AFN). The veterans pointed to recent controversial statements made by Limbaugh about Sandra Fluke, and women who use birth control, calling them “sluts” and “prostitutes.” AFN is owned and operated by the Department of Defense, funded with taxpayer dollars, and accessible to troops serving overseas.

Limbaugh may be in trouble and you can help make it worse

Rush Limbaugh may be in some legal and commercial trouble for calling a college student a slut and hooker, simply because she wanted her insurance company to cover birth control and HRT prescriptions, and you can help … pile on the shameless gas bag hitting him where it hurts the most. The advertisers that pay his salary.

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