More Limbaugh losses

Sorry for beating a dead horse (And in fairness, this horse is far from dead), but the list of major sponsors bailing on Limbaugh keeps getting bigger, and the karma sweeter:

(ChicagoTrib) — ProFlowers posted the comment Sunday on its Facebook page. That’s the seventh advertiser to pull its ads from the conservative talk show host’s program in the wake of comments he made about law student Fluke, who testified about birth control policy. The six other advertisers that have pulled ads from his show are mortgage lender Quicken Loans, mattress retailers Sleep Train and Sleep Number, software maker Citrix Systems, online data backup service provider Carbonite and online legal document services company LegalZoom.

This has been a long, long time coming. Next up, Rush has been polluting Armed Forces Radio at taxpayer expense for years. A military now composed more than ever by the working poor, minorities, and women sailors, soldiers, and marines. The same people Limbaugh & Co Inc., has been systematically working to disenfranchise for pretty much his entire broadcast career. Expect a coordinated push back on that tomorrow.


  1. magistramarla says

    I hope that they do get him off of the Armed Forces Radio.
    My daughter married an Airman, who came back from a deployment in Afghanistan spouting teabagger rhetoric. My husband (an AF Lieutenant Colonel and a Liberal Atheist) has gotten into several heated arguments with the kid on FB.
    Just today, he posted a YouTube video on both his site and my daughter’s site that claims that President Obama’s birth certificate has been proven to be a forgery. He commented: “Let the impeachment begin – let’s get the dumb-ass out of the White House”. The irony is that this is a kid who barely got out of high school who is criticizing a Harvard educated PHD.
    My husband hasn’t seen this yet, but I’m sure that he will be livid. I’m ashamed that my daughter is being exposed to such bullshit.

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