Websites promoting cheaters and gold diggers rides to Rush Limbaugh’s rescue

Truly an OMFG moment. Rush Limbaugh has lost dozens of advertisers and a few markets thanks to his misogynistic attacks on a law student over prescription medication. After calling her a slut and demanding she post sex videos online, and suffering the consequences, two websites of ill repute have offered to help Rush out:

(TheWire) —, the dating site that helps people cheat on their significant others, has offered to buy up all of Limbaugh’s existing ad inventory. … Another dating site, is also looking to buy some ads on Limbaugh’s show. Described in a separate press release as “the world’s largest sugar daddy and sugar baby dating website …”

Par for the course. Rush starts out calling millions of women who use birth control sluts and prostitutes under the guise of morality and religious decency, and sites actually promoting cheaters and gold diggers come to his rescue!


  1. peterh says

    This is both howlingly hilarious & very, very sad. Hilarious in that like attracts like, sad in that there are those who take such sewage seriously.

  2. ambassadorfromverdammt says

    Clearly, the new advertisers believe Limbaugh’s audience to be a target rich environment. Nowadays, it’s all about going after the right demographic.

  3. fastlane says, amusingly enough, seems to have a sense of humor about this sort of thing, in the sense that the owner’s like to point out a lot of the hypocrisy by buying ad space like this.

    Recently, they put up a billboard ‘supporting’ Newt G., for having multiple affairs. =) I think it’s rather clever, in a twisted sort of way.

  4. says

    Ok, may be a morally dubious enterprise, but from what I’ve heard about it, is just a site for sex workers, and ones who are likely to end up working under much better conditions than many do. Buying advertising from Rush may be the most morally dubious thing has ever done.

  5. Crudely Wrott says

    . . . breathlessly awaiting Rush’s decision to either go for the money and brag about his courageous sponsors or disdain the offer and brag about his high moral station.

    *grabs beer, popcorn and giggles expectantly*

  6. nemothederv says

    No need to hold your breath. Rush will take the check without a second thought. He’s a professional bully. He doesn’t care.

  7. sunsangnim says

    I’m sure they see an opportunity to buy up some prime ad space dirt cheap until people forget about the whole controversy.

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