WI Gov Scott Walker is stone cold busted

No one really believed the excuse WI Gov Scott Walker dredged up when trying to take away workers’ rights. But the wingnut band played on. Now a video has surfaced showing Walker briefing a billionaire contributor on his scheme to destroy workers’ rights, divide and conquer, starting with public sector unions for civil servants like teachers, firefighters, paramedics, and police. The clip comes at the worst possible time for Walker, he faces a statewide recall election in early June. Walker responded to the video today:

(DailyKos) — “About a year and a half ago I spoke to Rock County 5.0. The videotape that they showed, at least that I’ve heard about, is from that,” he said. “It was a meeting with folks from Rock County 5.0 talking about how to help Beloit, Janesville, Rock County as a whole deal with some of the devastating manufacturing loss they’ve had in the past.

“He added, “it’s interesting to me that our opponents want to rehash, replay the debate. I think the vast majority, myself included, want to move on, move forward.”

Asked about his use of “divide and conquer” in the video, Walker said, “A year and a half ago, I don’t remember all of the particulars. We talked about the fact that someone needed to stand up and stand on behalf of the taxpayers.”

Ahh yes, the alarming Republican memory problem, Romnesia, perhaps it’s some sort of infectious Alzheimers, or a novel mutant gene activated only in the presence of the right-wing allele. And of course, whenever you want to shore up manufacturing job losses in another town, the first step is always eliminating collective bargaining rights and other benefits for completely unrelated public sector employees statewide.

This is one of those times when the lies are so blatant and the politician so stone cold busted, he cannot even spin out an evasive boiler-plate non-answer and boots straight into amnesiac Porky Pig mode.


  1. Trebuchet says

    Romnesia! I am SO stealing that!

    I’m glad I live in a state where the governor, a Democrat, is no worse than “Mostly Harmless”, rather than actively trying to harm the citizens.

  2. katkinkate says

    I hate politicians. They are either all corrupt or naive and doomed to failure.

  3. Gregory in Seattle says

    The worst possible time for Walker, perhaps, but definitely the best possible time for Wisconsin.

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