Eat junkfood, lay on the couch, and get ripped like Adonis

Who wouldn’t want to believe you could lay around all day eating cake and fried cheese and become a healthier, lean-mean muscular god? The idea is so seductive that, despite real world experience to the contrary, variations of it form the basis for weight loss and workout scams to this day. The economic equivalent is the claim that getting rid of annoying rules and cutting the taxes on billionaires leads to a healthier economy and prosperity for all. We know for a recent historical fact that that isn’t true, because we’ve been cutting taxes on billionaires and deregulating for decades and the economy went straight into the shitter. Finally, someone with a megaphone used it to point this out.


  1. Stevarious says

    Do crowds really cheer and holler for him?

    Honestly I think he needs to be doing a MUCH better job than he is now to deserve that.

  2. abear says

    I prefer to get ripped like Bacchus, lie on the couch and eat junk food, and I have an enormous ab muscle to show for it.

  3. sunsangnim says

    Totally agree with Stevarious. Obama’s finally getting bolder rhetorically and sounding more like a progressive, but his actions still don’t back it up.

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