For Newt Gingrich so loved marriage he wanted his wife to share him with a younger woman

Baron Newt Gingrich of the House Harkonnen on his homeworld Callista Prime the 3rd. Image courtesy DemFromCT

Or the other possibility: Gingrich is an evil, avowed, open hypocrite who does what ever big Newt and his little trouser Newt want at the time. Which, according to his second ex-wife’s new interview, once consisted of Newt asking his sacred betrothed if it was OK for him to fuck his hot young intern while she struggled with a recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Gosh Newt, you sure do now how to defend the sanctity of marriage:

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Let’s All Go to the Lobby: Romney loses IA, in dead heat with Newt for SC

Mittens is under assault by Rick Santourm and Newt Gingrich. Initial results from the Iowa caucuses two weeks ago had Mitt up on Santorum by a lonely eight votes. Those results have been retabulated and the adjusted numbers indicate a Santorum victory by several dozen votes. To make matters worse, Newt has picked up some real big mo in South Carolina and now is polling dead even or slightly ahead of Romney: [Read more…]

Let’s All Go to the Lobby: Mitt the RIPPER

The thing about SuperPACs is they can’t be for someone. But they can sure as hell be against ’em. In a two-party system, there’s probably a binary legal argument about what that reduces to. In the meantime, Colbert demonstrates just how absurd SuperPACs can be with his own Colbert for President SPAC — not to be in any way confused with the official campaign. [Read more…]