Let’s all go to the lobby: Primary and cauci

Results: CNN (CO, MO, MN) | Google (CO, MO, MN) (Sign up here to have the Daily Kos Elections Digest emailed to you every weekday morning). As of 11:00 PM CDT Santorum is projected to win Minnesota (MN) and Missouri (MO) big, as in HUGE, only Colorado (CO) remains. This means Santorum has now won as many states as Romney, and we are looking at a possible Santorum sweep tonight potentially giving him a one state edge. It’s starting to look like it doesn’t matter who wins CO, significant PR damage to Romney has been done.

In MO it’s Romney 25% Santorum 54% Gingrich 0% Paul 12%
In MN it’s  Romney 16% Santorum 46% Gingrich 11% Paul 26% 
In CO its’s Romney 29% Santorum 42% Gingrich 16% Paul 13% ..  17% reporting

There’s voting afoot for the GOP tonight, if I can stay awake we’re all going to the lobby to get ourselves a snack! Up this evening: Missouri is holding a standard primary, Colorado and Minnesota both have caucuses (Cauci?):

(DailyKos) — Santorum’s doing well in the polls: He leads in Minnesota and Missouri in some polls and trails in Colorado, where Romney is seemingly ahead.

That’s a pretty mixed up set of states and events. Covering it will be somewhat cluster fucked. But I hope to throw out a few updates up during the evening for those interested.

Romney seems to be ahead in the primary process overall, he certainly has the most delegates, but so far he hasn’t put it unambiguously over the goal-line. If the polls are to be believed, tonight’s results … won’t change a damn thing. Part of the reason he’s having trouble closing the deal is there’s oodles of video showing Mittens taking positions 180 degrees opposite of what he took in past elections and a recent streak of gaffes portraying Romney as a heartless, out of touch zillionaire. That’s the official reason.

The unofficial reason? It could have something to do with the fact that Mitt is a Mormon and the conservative, religious-right base isn’t famous for their collective sense of religious tolerance. Mormonism has been labeled by the mainstream Christian-right as everything from heresy to the dreaded “C” word: a cult. Cue dramatic effect below.


  1. anonmoss says

    Have no comment on this other than to say the plural of caucus should be cauci. Glad to see someone someone else use it as well.

  2. lordshipmayhem says

    In the case of the Republicans, the plural is “circuses”.

    And with Santorum getting both Missouri and Minnesota, we have a tasty new M&M flavour, “Santorum”. Cue retching sound effect.

  3. Phillip IV says

    anonmoss @ #2:

    Have no comment on this other than to say the plural of caucus should be cauci. Glad to see someone someone else use it as well.

    I’d have to disagree with that – the etymology of the word “caucus” for this sort of political process is disputed. It could come from the Latin word for a “drinking vessel”, or from an Algonquian word for “counsel” (or most likely from some third source, since frankly both of those suggested etymologies have serious issues). “Cauci” would be correct only if it is a Latin word, but “caucuses” would be correct in both cases, so I think it’s the safer choice in this case.

    So much for the grammar nazi bit, now to deal with the real nazi: I’m cautiously elated at Santorum’s successes, if only for the chance of Romney emerging just so much more damaged from the nomination process…if you so will, he’s less likely to emerge a knight in shining armor, and more likely to emerge a knight in santorum-stained armor.

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