What’s in store tonite: Super-duper Tuesday and the fictional Presidents

March 6, 2012, a day that will live in infamy. Super Tuesday, so named because a 10 states have their primaries all at once. Once again, Mittens of Romney can purportedly put this thing away and claim head the title of clown in the dwindling GOP clown car. To do that he needs to win Ohio decisively and at least one southern state. Polling wrap up with links here.

Tennessee is one big possibility for the latter. But Mittens has come under fire for the usual Mittens shenanigans of documented lies and brazen flip-flopping:

(BuzzFeed) — Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney often fends off the attacks comparing the similarities between the plan he signed in Massachusetts in 2006 and ObamaCare by saying he took a federalist approach. The former Massachusetts Governor says his plan was done on a state level, where the central theme to both plans, the individual mandate, was a actually (sp) a conservative approach. But in a July 2009 op-ed in USA Today Romney thought the President could learn a thing or two from the plan he signed into law in Massachusetts, including using the individual mandate as an incentive for people to buy insurance.

And of course that’s just one of many spine snapping reversal Romney has performed. Which brings up an interesting point: Republicans are being urged to run against and vote out a fictional President Obama. A man who is alleged to have raised taxes (He hasn’t), apologized all over the world for America (Nope), was born in Kenya and arranged a fake birth certificate to clear the way for a presidential run while in utero, etc. That’s par for the course these days in conservative politics. What’s new this time around is conservatives could also be asked to vote for a fictional Republican candidate in Mitt Romney in the general election. That’s aksing a lot, and that indulgence will bet tested tonite in Ohio and Tennessee. I’ll be bringing you the results for as long as I can stand too.


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