Siberian mystery holes (Methingoes?) mapped out


I only have a couple more days to gather several hundred dollars, please help out if you can at my Paypal account at Darksydothemoon-at-aol-com. Posted above is a nifty map showing the three known mystery holes in Siberia. If we know of three of these in this remote region, odds are there are more. Maybe there are enough to make out a pattern in the noise. Do they correspond to old bore holes or wells that may have served as a handy refuge for accumulating water or gas? How old are they, and are they moving north or south? No one knows for now. But just for fun I have coined the term Methingo, a cross between Methane, thing, and pingo.

One important note: FreeThoughtBlogs will probably go offline around 2 AM eastern for an hour or two, or three or four or more, for a site remodel. The new logos and splash pages will be up Friday, if all goes well. We could have done it earlier, but Aug 1, 2011, was the anniversary of this network and the powers that be thought that would be a nice day for a metamorphosis.


  1. busterggi says

    Its an omen – one for the father, one for the son and one for the holey ghost!

  2. Randomfactor says

    God still uses a dot-matrix printing system. Can’t wait to read the full message.

  3. thebookofdave says

    I am convinced it is all part of the Sarlacc colonization of Earth. Watch your step and your back. I live from paycheck to paycheck, but will gladly pass a buck or three your way by the weekend.


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