Let’s put scandals & austerity in crystal clear context

A trillion dollars blown on a non-existent threat, by the party that now whines non-stop about big government waste, a huge chunk of which went to the firm where VP Cheney was the most recent CEO. And that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Tax cuts, oil subsidies, war profiteers, bank bail outs, anti-science lunacy, union busting, you name it.

Yes, democrats may be fractured, unreliable, at times spineless. The modern GOP on the other hand is much more united and it has nothing to do with principle or ideology of any kind: they’re solely focused on shoveling truckloads of money, from any source no matter who gets hurt or killed, into the bloated coffers of their already fabulously wealthy pals by any means necessary. Everything they do and say and try is centered on that singular goal in one way or another, and they’re good at it, especially when they get in real power. To really rake it in like they did in the Bush days, it helps a lot to hold the executive branch — a Presidential veto is an obstacle. Keep that in mind when hearing about the worst scandals ever, or the good ole both sides do it crap.

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