Baseball team welcomes atheists for a night of “unbelievable” fun

The Minnesota Saints have a proud tradition of innovative promotions. The minor league boys of summer once gave away Micheal Vick chew-toys so that local dogs could bite into his likeness! Next month they will change their name from the Saints to the Aints for one night of “unbelievable fun” complete with an atheist meet and greet:

MN Atheists — Our banners will hang in the stadium and we will rename the team the “Mr. Paul Aints.” The team will wear Mr. Paul Aints jerseys during the game, which will be auctioned off as a fundraiser for us and Volunteers Beyond Belief. You may also order in advance a custom Mr. Paul Aints jersey with your name and a number on the back for $69 by visiting our online store.

The letter “S” will be covered up on the word “Saints” throughout the ballpark and we’ll have an information/greeting table at the main entrance. American Atheists president Dave Silverman will throw out the first ceremonial pitch of the game. After the game there will be a fireworks display.

When I first heard about this I predicted the usual wingnut freakout jamboree. But so far there’s been little negative reaction. The worst I’ve seen has been at the World Nut Daily and, outside of those too far gone to help, no one takes them seriously on much of anything.


  1. physioprof says

    I wish the fucken Yankees would get the goddamn message and stop already with the motherfucken “God Bless America” glurge in the seventh inning stretch at the Stadium.

  2. Eric126 says

    Proof of an involved God – I read this while listening to A Prairie Home Companion.

  3. robb says

    the Saints stadium is about 2 miles from my house. i have never been there. i ought to check it out!

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