JT gets some (good) atheist press

A new article in a heavily evangelical state features the Secular Student Alliance, and the words of JT Eberhard. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because JT blogs here under the shingle WhatWouldJT Do?

Charlotte Observer— In another sign of the emergence of nonbelievers in American society, the Secular Student Alliance, a national organization of more than 300 college-based clubs for atheists, humanists, agnostics and other “freethinkers,” is helping to establish clubs for high school students to hang out with other teens who share their skepticism about the supernatural.

“I am hoping that atheist students having their clubs and religious students having their clubs will promote dialogue,” said JT Eberhard, director of SSA’s high school program. “I also hope it will let the atheist students know that you can be an atheist and its okay. You are still a good person. We want to say: Here is a place where you can feel that.”

Well said JT, well said. And grats! It isn’t easy to get any kind of halfway fair coverage in traditional media when it comes to atheist activism.

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