Google working for augmented reality specs

You’re walking down the aisle at the grocery store. Everything looks and feels normal, brightly packaged treats gleaming on shelves, produce and deli smelling great. Then you put on a special pair of glasses networked into the store’s augmented reality cloud, and everything changes. Now, superimposed over the usual sights, graphic icons representing items jump off the shelf and dance in front of you, nutrition and pricing buttons appear for the pushing, a swing of the head sends the screen reeling or pages down, and brings up other info an aisle or two over, maybe a search function produces and in store map leading you to the fingernail clipper bin hidden low between mops and paper towels. Sound like hype? Maybe it is, but that’s an example of what Google’s foray into augmented reality is supposed to be all about.


  1. sunsangnim says

    The glasses can even find a tow truck company and call it within seconds of you rear-ending another car because you weren’t paying attention to the road.

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