Women should know that their body belongs to them.

Feminists around the world have been supporting Amina, a 19 year old Tunisian girl who posted a topless photo of herself bearing the slogan “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour” has been threatened with death.
Tunisia was once considered one of the most liberal Muslim countries. But unfortunately Islam does not allow state, society, people to be liberal, moderate, secular, tolerant, understanding, sympathetic, considerate, compassionate, humane, kindhearted, loving, generous, thoughtful.

You were born to a Muslim family.
You are a woman. You want to have your freedom. But no one around you thinks you deserve any freedom.
If you say you are a Muslim, but you want to enjoy your human rights, the protectors of Islam will curse you, beat you up, lock you up, and show you hundreds of Quranic verses and the Hadiths that say god and prophet do not want women to have rights and freedom. Those verses are not the words or the interpretations of illiterate Mullahs. You will definitely lie if you say that god and the prophet did not really say anything against women. Now, what should you do? You have only one life. Do you want to destroy your precious life by living under Islam? Is there no option but to surrender yourself to Islam?

There is a way out. Just leave Islam and live your life. Don’t convert to any other religion. All religions are more or less the same. They will be bitching about everything you do because you’re a woman.


  1. Wafa.Hammoudi says

    I don’t understand how someone with any degree of education would make statements like the ones you just did above! For someone who opposes religion on principle, you sure neglected to educate yourself on them. How can you criticize something when you clearly have no understanding of it. Islam does not prosecute women or deprive any being for that matter from their rights or dignity. What is even more sad in your case, is your understanding of freedom, where is the dignity in associating freedom with nudity? so if the world is distorted, objectifies and markets women as meat , your response to that is by exposing yourself back? Doing it yourself, that’s just an illusion of power,you’re still disgracing yourself. and please for those who share this delusional understanding of freedom and women’s rights,rest assured that you do not speak for Women . You’re expressing your won views,which you’re entitled to, but please do not do that in the name of Women, because that is so much bigger that you,or all those that happen to agree with you.

    Ps. All these awards and degrees listed on the left, mean completely nothing when you’re this ignorant.
    Before talking about Islam,please read the Quran first.

    A Muslim Woman

    • DaLaud says

      “Islam does not prosecute women or deprive any being for that matter from their rights or dignity.”
      Sorry to break that bubble, but it does both of these things and more. Clearly, stoning people to death for adultery does not count as prosecution or deprivation of rights or dignity in your book.

      “so if the world is distorted, objectifies and markets women as meat , your response to that is by exposing yourself back?”
      “Doing it yourself, that’s just an illusion of power,you’re still disgracing yourself.”

      It’s ironic that this is precisely what Amina was protesting against in the first place – the twisted sense of honour and Islam’s (and religion in general) obsession with female chastity.

      “Before talking about Islam,please read the Quran first.”
      Might it have occurred to you that people *have* read the Quran and find it a mediocre book with plenty of immoral and unethical advice to stay away from? It’s the standard Muslim retort – “read the Quran before talking about Islam”. I direct you to The Courtier’s reply

    • No One says

      Meanwhile back in Saudi Arabia, women don’t get proper mammograms and die of breast cancer, girls die in school fires because of religious authorities, and women are not allowed to drive. But in “the West” women conduct experiments on the International Space Station. Islam may say whatever it wants to, but it’s public record of achievement in the last couple hundred years is dismal.

  2. formerlysuspended says

    I love your epic reply to the sad comment.

    As a life-long atheist, it blows my mind how much people cling to religion when it is precisely out to destroy them.

  3. subhash chandra kumar says

    sex is a natural and most performed and most legalized activity in human society, but still a shielded / hidden.from the eyes of general public a completely private affair . this is the norm followed by human societies in general. should this shield be removed and open sex in street be permitted and be legalized ?answer of this question is applicable for moving in society topless or bottomless or fully naked .

    • No One says

      Nudity and sex are not the same thing. Being unable to distinguish between the two reveals a lack of maturity.

      • Karuna says

        Agreed! Not matured. So, we would ask you to keep your nudity between 4 walls or in designated NUDE AREAS. Many of us DO NOT WISH to see your filthy displays. Would you agree if in support of Amina I put up my nude pix covering my face and showing my prvt parts? Because…. its nobody’s honor, is n’t it???.

        • says

          If you wanted to put up “nude pix covering [your] face and showing [your] prvt parts?”, you should be free to do so – whether or not I or anyone else would want to see them. A nude picture does not cause anyone any harm. What Amina did did not cause anyone any harm (although it has obviously caused some people some offence, but that is a very different thing). What has been done to Amina (being essentially kidnapped and imprisoned by her own family, so far as we can tell), and what she is being threatened with (death by stoning) are obviously harmful. If you can’t understand the difference, I suggest you take a moment to work out what the actual (as opposed to imaginary) consequences are of each of these actions.

          Of course it’s nobody’s honour. Your body belongs to you and no one else, and if you want to put up naked photos of yourself on the internet, you should be allowed to – because you are not causing anyone any harm, or damaging anyone’s honour (except possibly your own if you are of the opinion that it is dishonourable to do so) – so no one else should have any right to punish you for it. That was exactly Amina’s point, surely?

  4. frankb says

    Islam does not prosecute women or deprive any being for that matter from their rights or dignity.

    Isn’t murdering someone depriving them of their rights and dignity? Yet many Muslim societies imprison and kill apostates and blasphemers. Even Muslims in the US fear this because of the violent reactions from their fellow believers. Your claim is patently false.

  5. Noor says

    Well this is nothing but bigotry from an ignorant atheist. What amina did was a desperate cry for attention thus she posted it on the web.islam is a religion of peace but with many people mostly men who have misunderstood it for a way to control women.I am fortunate enough to be a proud Muslim and wouldntleave my faith for anything.every faith has something that questions our faith but that doesn’t give ANYONE the right to insult or blame that faith


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