1. says

    And I was immediately sent off track by the first question….

    Do you think all human being are equal?

    In practice? Ethically? In ability? In advantages? Under the law? So many interpretations and side paths with that question. Probably why I hate these simplistic yes/no scripts.

    • says

      You are right. I think they mean whether human beings are equal regardless of their gender and race and religion. The 2nd question is enough for the test. It is just like that statement, ‘feminism is the radical notion that women are people.’

      • says

        Indeed I get what they were going for (especially after just clicking no) I just don’t think they really succeeded in the way they asked the question.

  2. Eristae says

    I’m with michaeld on this. All too often I’ve seen people use “all people are equal” as a bludgeoning tool against the oppressed; the logic goes that all people are equal, so people who are at some kind of disadvantage (example: being poor) are responsible for their disadvantage. So the claim goes, all people are equal, the disadvantaged have equal ability to pull themselves up as the already advantaged do.

    But I guessed their intention and confirmed it by going back and hitting the “no” option.

  3. MatthewLaboratory says

    “Do you think all human beings are equal” – this question is too vague. What do you mean by “equal”? A newborn baby is obviously not “equal” in physical and intellectual capacity to a grown adult. A high school drop-out is not “equal” to a Ph.D.

  4. Milon Ahmed. says

    I am a feminist. I think all human beings are equal. If you believe in humanity, you must be a feminist.

  5. sankarshan ghosh says

    the answers which lead to FEMINISM according to you, is actually COMMUNISM. how weird! u think all men are equal, and u are a feminist.. what about men?

  6. left0ver1under says

    It’s easier to say one is a feminist than to be one, especially when one has male privilege.

    Being sexist is easy. A person doesn’t even have to think to do it (which, of course, is the problem…).

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