It’s the little lies that get you, not the big ones

One of the things that one learns about lying is that it is the little lies that get you caught. If you are trying to lie your way out of trouble, the best strategy is to talk as little as possible. Put out the big lie that matters and then shut up. It is when you try to add to it in the effort to create added verisimilitude that you trip yourself up and fall flat on your face.
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The Daily Show correspondents reunion

Stephen Colbert invited many of his former colleagues on The Daily Show to reminisce about the old days. It included Jon Stewart, Rob Corddry, John Oliver, Samantha Bee and Ed Helms, and the appearance was split into many parts. One of the interesting comments by Corddry was that the so-called ‘real’ news media were now copying what the fake correspondents of The Daily Show were doing a long time ago, and that is play old clips of politicians contradicting their present statements

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John Oliver issues another call to action to ensure net neutrality

He does a brilliant job of explaining why the fight for new neutrality is important for everyone to get involved in and how that neutrality is being threatened by the new FCC chairperson Ajit Pai. His show has set up a website to make it easy to go straight to the relevant FCC page. Once there, click on ‘express’ link at the upper right, and leave your comment telling thee FCC that you back strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. I already did so.

Republicans move towards their goal of depriving people of health care

So the Republicans in the House of Representatives managed to squeeze through their repeal of Obamacare by the thinnest of margins of 217-213 even though it did not undergo any of the normal scrutiny that a major bill should receive. But we do know that it seeks to deprive many people of basic health care protections and is a huge siphoning of money from the poor to the rich.
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Cartoons on religion

Today’s newspaper had not one but two cartoons disparaging religion. The first one touches on a topic that I often raise when I have been invited to be on panels that include representatives from many religions. In such forums, those representatives go strongly into the kumbaya mode, vaguely suggesting that they all believe in the same god and focusing on common elements of morality and ethics that they happen to agree on. Boring!
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