Hasan Minhaj on the attacks on civil rights

In the latest episode of his show Patriot Act, he takes on the topic of civil rights. In particular, he points out that while much attention is focused on the circus atmosphere that surrounds Donald Trump, this has resulted in little attention being paid to the deliberate dismantling of civil rights protections for minorities and LGBT communities by the departments of housing and urban development, education, justice, health and human services, and commerce.

You can see the full episode.

The Michael Cohen hearings

I do not follow carefully all the stories about Donald Trump and the Mueller investigation and its many ramifications because the ratio of mindless speculation to facts is way too high. I tend to wait for the comedy shows to give me some idea of what transpired during those events. Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah oblige with these synopses of the nine hours of the Michael Cohen testimony before Congress.

John Oliver on psychics

Making fun of psychics is easy and fun but the non-amusing aspect is not only that four in ten Americans believe in them but that they are promoted by mainstream TV shows. These people are not harmless. They scam people out of money with their fakery and give false hopes and unnecessary grief. John Oliver has a good show about how they fool people and the harm that they and their TV accomplices cause.

Blondie defends manual labor

I sometimes hear white-collar workers speak disparagingly about manual workers whom they see relaxing. They seem to think that such people should be working non-stop even though they are doing extremely difficult and tiring jobs, often in terrible conditions, while their critics push paper around in air-conditioned workplaces where a lot of time is spent in idleness. I, for example, have never really done a hard day’s work in my life and am aware that I am very fortunate and am grateful for being so lucky.

I was glad to see that the creators of the Blondie comic strip were taking a stand for manual labor against this unfair criticism.