Dog recued from frozen river

I am a sucker for good news animal stories like this one from the UK via Carla Sinclair.

According to the YouTube page:

RSPCA inspector Jaqui Miller successfully rescues a dog who had gotten stuck in a frozen river. The inspector was secured with a rope, and prones down to reach the dog without falling through the ice herself. She then frees the dog who then stumbles back to shore.

Channeling Marcel Marceau

We are currently experiencing a prolonged period of snow and extreme cold and wind, though In Cleveland the snowfall has been a couple of inches every other day or so and not the massive snowstorms that have hit other parts of the northeast. But it was bad enough that driving required considerable caution.

This video of Mike Warner of Oregon trying to climb stairs in 90 mph wind reminds me of the old ‘walking into the wind’ mime classic.

Lifestyles of the rich and drunken

Jacqueline Kent Cooke, the heiress daughter of the late Jack Kent Cooke, the former owner of the Washington football team that refuses to change its racist name, apparently got drunk on New Year’s eve at a fancy restaurant and used anti-Semitic slurs on a fellow patron that later resulted in a brawl on the street outside that was captured on video, with Cooke sitting on the sidewalk and bringing down her adversary with an ankle tackle.
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Happy New Year!

My family, including my grandson, are going to be visiting for the next few days and I am going to be spending some fun time with them so blogging will be suspended until early in the New Year. While 2017 was a disaster in terms of politics in the US, one wonderful thing for me personally was the birth of my grandson. I hope all of you also had at least one thing that was wonderful that enabled you to view the year at least somewhat favorably

Best wishes to all readers for a much better 2018!

The meaning of cousins ‘removed’

Recently we had as dinner guests a colleague and his wife and during the evening he happened to mention that someone was “his first cousin once removed’. I seized on this because I had never been sure what that meant and so asked him. He said that when he talked about someone being his first cousin once removed, he meant someone who was a child of his first cousin. But when I asked him how that other person would refer to him (since he was not the child of that person’s first cousin) he said he was not sure. I have also heard some people refer to the child of a first cousin as a second cousin.
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Reason’s Greetings and Happy Holidays to all this blog’s readers

As the holiday season kicks into gear and people get to spend time with friends and loved ones, I too would like to wish everyone an enjoyable time.

Although Donald Trump has now made it safe for people to say “Merry Christmas”, I much prefer to say the more inclusive Happy Holidays or Reason’s Greetings from Baxter the Wonder Dog and me. (The photo is not actually of Baxter but he does look a lot similar.)

Should corporate holiday cards be displayed with the others?

At this time of year, we get holiday cards from friends and relatives, though fewer each year since some are now choosing to send electronic versions. We usually place them on a sideboard until the holiday season is over. But there has been an increasing tendency for businesses to send cards to their customers and that poses the question of whether they should be accorded the same status as the others by being placed among them.
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Update on the Barley House fracas

Regular readers of this blog may remember my writing about the hue and cry raised by two social media celebrities Alissa Violet (real last name is Butler) and Ricky “FaZe” Banks (real name Richard Bengston) who claimed that they had been sexually harassed and assaulted by the security guards at a Cleveland bar known as Barley House over the Thanksgiving weekend. The couple’s many devoted followers, who call themselves the CloutGang, threatened vengeance against Barley House and anyone else whom they thought had done anything to their idols.
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I learn something new every day

I tend to resist watching long clips of talking heads on the internet (speeches, press conferences, debates, lectures, etc.) because it is so time-consuming and I find it so much quicker to read transcripts. Unfortunately. transcripts are not always available and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. But just yesterday, I learned that at least with clips on YouTube, you can adjust the speed to suit you.

I find that playing the clips at 1.5 times the normal speed works well for me. This results in a 33% reduction in the length of time taken to watch it, which works out to a 40 minute reduction if you want to watch a two-hour lecture on some topic, not an insignificant saving. At this speed, the speaker still moves and sounds fairly normal and not as if they are appearing in a Benny Hill sketch.

I am passing this on for the one or two of you out there who may have been as clueless about this as I was.