The horrible conditions in speed warehouses

John Oliver on Last Week Tonight exposes the horrible conditions in the warehouses that serve companies that seek to make speed of delivery the main selling point, because that results on demands on the workers who have to rush around to fulfill those orders. Amazon is of course the gorilla in the business, driving up the demands on its workers to the breaking point while at the same time fighting their efforts to unionize.

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Samantha Bee gives some advice to the low-polling Democratic candidates

I think that much of this concern over so many candidates at this stage is misplaced. This is the time for multiple candidates and views to be aired. As time goes by, the field will be winnowed and those who lose out will seek other positions, such as the senate seats she is urging. Running for president gives them the national attention that politicians tend to enjoy.

What we should hope for is that the field is winnowed by policies and the preferences of voters, not by the pundits and party establishments