Sex Ed for legislators

We have seen a spate of highly restrictive anti-choice laws passed by mostly male legislators who do not seem to understand basic facts about pregnancy. So Samantha Bee provides some lessons.

Of course, these legislators don’t give a damn about facts. They want to control women’s bodies (and by extension women in general) and hate the idea of people having sex at all.

On Twitter, everybody thinks they can be a comedian

Professional comedian Conan O’Brien was sued by someone who claimed that O’Brien had copied the jokes he had sent on Twitter. O’Brien settled the case but said that it did not mean his writers had used other people’s material without attribution. He said that pretty much everyone was sending out jokes on the same topics and it was inevitable that there would be coincidences.
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An honest political ad from the Australien government

It comes from a political satire group in Australia on the eve of their elections to be held on May 18. It is part of their series called Honest Government Adverts. Hard as it is to believe, it looks like the Australian political leadership is as bad as the one we have here in its corruption, devotion to the oligarchy, climate change denials, lying, and religious pandering. (Language advisory)

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The express line conundrum

We are familiar with the ‘express checkout lines’ at supermarkets and elsewhere meant for those with fewer that a certain number of items. People who violate this rule can arouse a great deal of hostility. Some violate the spirit of the rule by claiming that multiple items of the same product should count as one. But there is a difference between ten cans of tuna and ten bananas in a single bunch. Most people would think that the former consists of ten items and the latter one item. But what if you have ten bananas in two bunches? Should that be considered one item or two? Would it matter if the two bunches are weighed and rung up separately or both placed on the scale at once and rung up as a single item.
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