Public shaming

Piling on someone whom the internet has decided is worthy of public shaming is now a commonplace phenomenon. John Oliver has an excellent segment on when public shaming is justified and when it is horribly wrong.

The second half of this segment features an interview with Monica Lewinsky who was viciously and unjustifiably slut-shamed twenty years ago. She has weathered the storm that surrounded her and which could have easily destroyed her. Remarkably, she seems to have come through that ordeal and the interview reveals her to be a delightful person who deserves an apology from all those who attacked and ridiculed her.

The strange rise of Beto O’Rourke

I supported Beto O’Rourke when he ran for the Texas senate seat because when your opponent is Ted Cruz, you don’t really need a platform other than “I am not Ted Cruz”. But it has never been really clear what he stands for and so I am a little surprised that his announcement that he is running for the Democratic nomination for president is being taken so seriously.

Seth Meyers looks at this and other issues.