The forcing out of ‘family member’ Brad Parscale didn’t take long

I wrote earlier that it was only a matter of time before the Trump campaign ditched former campaign manager Brad Parscale after his arrest and hospitalization and just two days later came news that he has left the campaign, probably forced out. The campaign initially issued messages of support and said that they considered Parscale a ‘member of the family’ and it seems like that they are right, because just like other members of the Trump family, Parscale is accused of being a grifter.

His salary on the campaign was $15,000 a month and yet he lived a lavish lifestyle, reportedly owning over $5 million in properties and $300,000 in cars. There had been speculation that the drunken rage that resulted in him being arrested was due to his worries about how he could continue to live that life after his demotion from the position of campaign manager. He is accused of stealing $25-40 million from the Trump campaign and another $10 million from the Republican National Committee.

My question is how corrupt and lax in its accounting practices must a campaign and party be for someone to siphon away such large sums of money for personal use? This is not petty cash. That level of stealing is implausible, and the fact that it is reported by the notoriously sensationalistic British tabloid the Daily Mail suggests that the number may well be exaggerated, even if the stealing is true.

But the fact that he is being ‘purged’ from the Trump campaign with all references to him being eliminated, is real. He is being disappeared.


  1. says

    Parscale is accused of being a grifter.

    To be fair, he appears to be. The problem is that he was slicker than the rest of the Trump Campaign, who didn’t think to keep an eye on the cash register when Parscale was in charge of it. What does that say? To me, it says they’re a bunch of grifters that are so bad at it that they were cleaned out by a slightly more talented beginner.

  2. xohjoh2n says

    His salary on the campaign was $15,000 a month and yet he lived a lavish lifestyle


    “and yet”???

    That amount’d give me a pretty fucking lavish lifestyle without the need for extra grift.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Parscale ran (for a while) an operation with a reported budget of over one billion dollars. No other “member of the family” could imagine sitting in that chair without scooping up a 4-5% or more “commission” of such cash flow; I’d think failure to do so would provoke sneers.

    But such maneuvers require some success for the larger enterprise: once the ship hits the rocks, rivets pop out everywhere.

    I suspect part of Parscale’s problem comes from an overly-optimistic expectation of how long the gravy train would run: he probably has quite a lot of payments due on those houses, cars, etc.

  4. says

    Considering Cheetolini’s personal financial mismanagement and incompetence, I doubt he would notice anyone else’s grift and theft.

    Parscale’s abuse of position and amounts stolen are on par with Wayne LaPierre’s.

  5. sonofrojblake says

    @xojoh2n, 2:
    “That amount’d give me a pretty fucking lavish lifestyle without the need for extra grift”

    This just demonstrates you don’t know the meaning of “lavish” in this context. You couldn’t run a decent helicopter with that kind of money, let alone a private jet. Your yacht is not going to crew itself. And so on.

  6. ardipithecus says

    They said “he’s family”. They said “he’s a grifter”.

    Where is the contradiction?

  7. sonofrojblake says

    “What would I need any of those things for…”

    Well, I always assumed that anyone who owns a yacht is
    (a) abducting underage girls
    (b) taking them to the yacht
    (c) fucking them
    (d} sailing into international waters
    (e) killing them
    (f) throwing them over the side tied to a heavy weight.

    Not necessarily in that order, but you get the gist. Every single yacht owner.

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