Trump is very weird

We all know that he is an awful person. But he also has these weird obsessions where he imagines that extremely tough men fall apart and burst into tears in his presence because they are, presumably, so overwhelmed by his masculinity.

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale has noted that Trump often relates unverified “tales about macho men breaking into tears of gratitude in his presence” who suspiciously call him “sir.”

Earlier this week, Trump told a rally crowd that he had just met a construction worker who was teary with appreciation. He has, as Dale observed on Wednesday, told similar stories about a coal miner, a farmer, a steelworker and a man who looked “as big as a ‘football player.'”

“The common feature of the character in these stories is that they are male, tough and large, and that, before crying upon meeting Trump in a setting with no independent witnesses, they have never cried before, can’t remember crying before or only cried when they were a baby,” Dale said.

Dale pointed out that Trump once gave a 2019 speech in which he said a number of “strong, tough” farmers, ranchers and construction workers had allegedly wept when they joined him at a 2017 executive order signing ceremony.

“Half of them were crying,” he told the American Farm Bureau Federation, including one man who Trump said appeared so tough that he might not have cried even “when he was a baby.”

“He was crying,” Trump insisted. “He said, ‘Sir, you gave me back my life. You gave me back my property.'”

The signing ceremony happened on camera. No one wept.

The man lives in a strangely delusional world. It is not normal.


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