Pointless poll or serious survey?

I’m going to give you a choice today.

  • If you’ve only got a moment and want to click a button and be done with something fairly trivial, vote on whether to impeach Bush.

  • For a change, if you’ve got a half hour or so and would like to contribute data to serious research, take Elisabeth Cornwell’s research survey. I think we could add a large dollop of godless attitudes to her work.

(Hmmm…I should do a poll on who would rather crash a poll vs. take a serious survey!)

Oh, come on now

In a fluff story about George Takei (Sulu!) getting married to his partner of 21 years, WNBC takes the tacky step of including a poll asking, “Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry?” Please. How ridiculous. When the cheesy news was full of Britney Spears or Angeline Jolie or the movie star of the moment planning their nuptials, did these sites run polls asking if these people should be married? When did it become legitimate “news” to question people’s personal decisions about partnerships?

Do you believe?

Now South Carolina is offering one of those inane “I BELIEVE” license plates to drivers in their state, and yay, we’ve got a stupid poll to crash! You can vote “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs down” on it, which was a bit of a dilemma for me — I kind of like the idea of the credulous being clearly labeled, and would approve of the idea of having “I BELIEVE” stamped on their foreheads if they wanted it. I resolved it by answering as if I were given the choice of getting this plate, to which I would say “NO WAY”.

Another dumb poll

It’s part of an article about an atheist billboard for the Greater Philadelphia Coalition of Reason, which sounds great. Alas, the Inquirer marred it with a stupid internet poll that asks, “Do you believe in God?” Haven’t they learned yet that these things are easily skewed? Go show them that atheists can be organized, too.

Take a look at the comments while you’re there, too — I like the one that says, “If this guy ever gets diagnosed with terminal cancer I guarantee he takes that billboard down so fast your head will spin.” It’s an admission that religion is built on fear.

Pathetic poll

Recall the car dealership ad that suggested that non-Christians sit down and shut up? A poll by a television station asks, Does the Kieffe and Sons Ford ad make you want to buy a car from the dealership? The only choices are “yes” and “no” — they don’t even include “no, it convinces me to never buy anything from those clowns”, so the poll is a bit biased already.

Would you believe that right now 31% are saying “yes”? They like car salesmen who discriminate.