Poll…but you’ll have to see Ken Ham’s homely face to do it

This is a danged ugly poll, accompanying an interview with the slimy Ken Ham. It asks,

Regarding creation and evolution, I believe:

The universe was created in six days as described in Genesis.

Evolution is true, but God began and/or directs it.

Evolution is true, and religion has nothing to do with it.

Answer 2 is winning, with answer 3 dead last. Can you all fix that, please?

Pareidolia poll


Two things I find absurd are people who see Jesus in random patterns, and internet polls that try to impose patterns in noise. Here’s something that does both: a moth was found with speckles that are supposed to look like Jesus.

“His hair right here and you can see the mustache and the beard and there’s a little slit right there that looks like His mouth and when he would move the mouth would open so it looked like he was trying to talk to you.”

Kirk Harper spotted the moth on an RV trailer Monday, and right away could tell it was unique.

“I immediately thought it looked like Jesus and that was what was so cool cause you’ve seen His face in grilled cheese sandwiches and windows and things but on a moth’s back…we thought that was pretty neat.”

Just to top off the silliness, the story comes with a poll to ask if you see a face. Yeah, I do — it’s Charles Manson.

This one is a poll

In reaction to the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s billboards, FoxNews asks, “What’s your reaction to the ‘Imagine No Religion’ billboards?”. Unfortunately, you only get your choice of two poor answers: “I’m not offended…it’s free speech” and “I’m offended…America needs religion”. What about “I’m offended…but it’s free speech”?

Sadly, “America needs religion”, the worst of the two, is currently leading with 56% of the vote.

Another poll for your Monday morning… Canadian style

Canoe’s recent poll asks: Do you believe physicians should have the right to refuse medical treatment if it is against their beliefs? Scroll down to the bottom of the right hand side of the page to find the poll.

To clarify, as it’s been brought up that this is a poorly worded poll: based on the story behind it, it is referring to doctors who refuse their patients medical treatment that will help them based on their religious beliefs.

But nevermind anyways. Apparently this poll was closed just after I posted it. So ignore the link, but feel free to comment on the topic if you like.

Now luckily common sense is already winning out with 61% of the ~2300 voters voting no. However, that still leaves close to 40% of voters who believe this practice is OK. Let’s get to work!

This poll brings up a good point of discussion, I think. I personally have heard of many stories of, for instance, unmarried women having to find a new family doctor because they wouldn’t prescribe her birth control, due to the doctor’s religious beliefs. Obviously, I think this situation is beyond ridiculous.

From LisaJ.

Need a poll fix?

Today’s target is the website for the credulous Australian TV program, The One, which claims to be searching for someone with magical mind powers. The poll asks, “Are you a believer or a sceptic?”

70% of Australian voters in this poll are currently calling themselves believers. Let’s embarrass them with a worldwide showing of skeptics. (This might be a tough one: I suspect many more people watch TV than will read this post.)