Episode CCXXII: More Symphony of Science

We all know it is auto-tuned, and that many of you hate autotuning, so for those of you who can’t stand the stuff, don’t listen to this, and that way you won’t have to complain to the rest of us. At least this isn’t like those damned chimes going off every 15 minutes in the cemetery down the street all day — I have no control at all over that crap, and I’m going to have to dynamite a set of loudspeakers some day. You just have to refrain from clicking.

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Episode CCXX: ZOMGItsCriss!

Good news! Several people have been working hard to get the most awesome YouTuber Christina Rad to visit the US, and she has just been issued a visa to allow her to come to TAM this year!

So the legal hurdles have been cleared, and now the next step is a fundraiser to cover her travel costs.

If you’re wondering who the heck she is, go spend some time browsing her channel: she’s a fierce and eloquent pro-science atheist. Here’s a sample:

Of course, her first view of the United States is going to be Las Freakin’ Vegas, which is a little depressing, but whatever — TAM is going to be a little bit more fun for everyone now.

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Episode CCXIX: Steampunk, Skepchicks, and #cvg2011

I’m off to Convergence, which has a steampunk theme: I’ve got lots of leather for a sorta costume, just to blend in, and my wife looks very hot in a bit of jungle explorer garb. The place will be swarming with Skepchicks, too! Also, you may recall, there was a little bet involving my daughter, so there may be some photography going on, and maybe even a bit of shaving. It will be a busy weekend!

Here’s a homage to GirlGenius, the wonderful steampunk webcomic:

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