Episode CCIV: Christianity poisons everything

Don’t watch this video unless you really want to lose all hope for humanity. Remember when all the great musicians were composing religious music? (OK, it was long before our time, unless you’re a few centuries old, but you know what I mean.)

And hey, what’s with all the chattiness? I’m off at a conference and haven’t had time to put up much content, so the comment threads are all exploding. Should I just shut up permanently?

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Episode CCII: This is Kansas?

Lawrence, Kansas is having a loud and aggressive godless event this weekend, ReasonFest, with a nice noisy poster and of course, a noisy video.

You should go and make some noise. Or at least make lots of noise in The Endless Thread. Or if this is all such short notice, there’s also a Berkeley event coming up on the 29th, SkeptiCal. No silence, at any rate, not ever any more.

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