Episode CCXIX: Steampunk, Skepchicks, and #cvg2011

I’m off to Convergence, which has a steampunk theme: I’ve got lots of leather for a sorta costume, just to blend in, and my wife looks very hot in a bit of jungle explorer garb. The place will be swarming with Skepchicks, too! Also, you may recall, there was a little bet involving my daughter, so there may be some photography going on, and maybe even a bit of shaving. It will be a busy weekend!

Here’s a homage to GirlGenius, the wonderful steampunk webcomic:

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  1. Therrin (Ben S) says

    #12 Benjamin Geiger

    not the Pharyngula IRC channel

    Been meaning to ask, what’s the relation between the board and the channel? I stopped by a few times, but all the names were different and topics didn’t reflect any (recent) posts.

    #15 Brother Ogvorbis

    reading your #12 makes me wonder if, maybe, the rich and the big corporations have a thing against the non-rich keeping their money?

    It seems more like two organizations that don’t talk to each others’ separate policies, although I certainly agree with your premise as stated.

    #80 Rob


    Reminds me of Anathem.

    #86 ibyea

    When I Google, a lot of times, when I click on a link after the search, it gets redirected to something irrelevant.

    I’ve gotten this more than once on work machines and the longer it stays, the harder it is to clean out. MalwayreBytes Antimalware is a good starting place. There are also a number of threads on bleepingcomputer.com that might give useful information (major respect for the techs who give support there). I will admit to using combofix without supervision, but I’m also no Mäuseschubser (new goal: add this word to English vocabulary). If the status bar is displayed at the bottom, you can see if a link is going to redirect you. The longcut is to copy/paste the url itself into the address bar.

    #87 theophontes

    I recommend downloading the program called GIMP.

    I use GIMP for manipulation, but if it just needs transforming (or viewing) IrfanView is a lot lighter. They go well together.

    #106 unknownymous via Feynmaniac

    Is it my imagination, or are the fundies who troll Pharyngula more batshit insane than the fundie population at large?

    Strangely, that makes me feel better.

    I wish Set gave a list of time per set identified, total today was a little over 5 minutes.

    Steampunk always reminds me of Regretsy, one of his recurring themes is Not Steampunk.

    (To be clear, I’m a fan of Etsy and what it allows. Where else can you commission a 3-D clay portrait of a couple sipping from penis straws?)

    #196 Dr Audley Darkheart

    I have a Belkin wireless adapter that also doesn’t always work either and I’m kind of at a loss, here.

    If you have two devices that are not always working in a similar manner, it might not be the hardware (at least, not those devices).