1. birgerjohansson says

    suggestion: since hardly anyone understands statistics, hand out free lottery tickets to everyone that shows up to vote. Cost-efficient.
    Also, spread a rumor on social media that some mothman/cupachabra clone is coming for people that do not vote.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Rene @ 4 Yes, this is what happens when people from northern Europe tries hispanic words …

    BTW since “slender man” BS is widespread on internet, we should make it clear that voting repels him. But if you stay home on election day, it is “Ring” time.

  3. silvrhalide says

    @2 Nahhh, just tell them that nonvoters will be forcibly vaccinated with a vaccine that contains a tracking chip.
    The same people who don’t understand math are the same people who don’t understand physics either. Basic physics, like “the chip is too large to fit in a vaccine needle”.

    @1 Love the spider thing. It expresses my feelings when I look at the options on the ballot.

    Who’s a good boy?
    Would you like a kitty treat? Or a Scooby snack? :P

  4. robert79 says

    We had an election during the first covid lockdown, when literally no one knew how the virus was spreading. My voting office was in the football stadium (usually it’s in the elementary school around the corner), where during the whole process I think I saw like at most 12 people, most very distant from me except for the girl I actually had to hand my voting card and ID to.

    But the weirdest thing is I got to keep the little red pencil you mark your vote with. Usually it’s chained to the voting booth, but now “I touched it”. The “red pencil” is kind of a voting icon as it’s displayed on all the forms/advertisements/etc… I still have it as a “I voted during covid” memento.

  5. asclepias says

    I voted early in this precinct. Changed my party to do it, too. Hey, Wyoming is a red state, so in all likelihood the person elected will be a Republican, so I might as well vote for somebody I can sort of, semi-stomach. I never thought that would be Liz Cheney (or any of the current incumbents), but the opposition is even nuttier. In order to have a Republic to save, we’ve got to have lines that won’t be crossed.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    asclepias @ 10
    A wise, pragmatic approach. The obsolete “first past the post/winner takes all” voting system makes tactical voting an absolute necessity.
    silvrhalide @ 8
    Who’s a good boy?
    I would mail PZ a treat, but lutefisk do not keep at room temperature, and a can of fermented herring might not be appreciated. Lembas? Dwarwen combat bread?

  7. billseymour says

    asclepias @10, I’m glad you had the opportunity to cast a vote that might actually matter.  When will we know whether it did any good?

    Missouri is also a very red state; but, curiously, it has open primaries…when you arrive at the polling place you tell the official which ballot you want.  It’s that easy.

    We have an interesting race going on right now:  who shall replace our outgoing senior Senator, Roy Blunt.  Since there’s a cogent argument that the only election that actually matters is the primary for whichever party the state, district, whataver, is gerrymandered to favor, I seriously considered voting in the Republican primary; so I researched all the candidates.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one for whom I could vote without being ashamed of myself.  They all ticked off all the usual fear-mongering and hateful points:  crush socialism, ban CRT, save girls’ sports…you kinow the list.

    The general election will be interesting because it looks like we’ll have an independent candidate, John Wood, who’s bankrolled by rentier and former Senator, John Danforth, who has the reputation of being one of the old-school Republicans with whom one could have a rational conversation.  Wood began as a specifically anti-Eric Greitens candidate, but Greitens lost the primary, so maybe Wood will morph into an anti-Trump candidate who could steal some votes from the Republican, Eric Schmitt.  It’s unlikely, but we’ll see what happens when it happens.

    Unfortunately, the Democratic candidate will be Trudy Busch Valentine (Busch as in Anheuser-Busch).  I had to turn off her victory speech after a couple of minutes:  she’s not the brightest light in the harbor.  She is a working nurse, though; and she checks off all the progressive “social issues”.  I can vote for her and still like myself. 8-)

  8. billseymour says

    Me @12, end of third paragraph:

    …you kinow the list.

    Know, not kinow.
    (hangs head in shame)

  9. asclepias says

    The official primaries here are August 16. Liz Cheney is not expecting to win. Trump endorsed Harriet Hageman, who is a complete nut. Hageman used to be Cheney’s friend, and even came out against Trump in the 2016 election. I guess getting elected was her price. Cheney, surprisingly, is the only one among them with a scintilla of integrity.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    Liz Cheney is the only one that has a long planning horizon.
    The others will jump on every bandwagon even if it leads to a cul-de-sac. You know, eejits.