Minnesota election went as expected

Yesterday’s primaries set up the big November election, where it will be incumbent Democrat Walz vs lunatic anti-vax, anti-abortion Republican Jensen for the the governor’s chair. I hope the main election follows the path this one took, in that all the candidates I voted for actually won. I’ll try to repeat my flawless performance again in a few months.

Outside my district, Ilhan Omar beat a Democratic challenger, barely. Neighboring Wisconsin is a mess, with Republicans arguing over who is the Trumpiest and yelling about the opposition being “liberal”. That’s enough, just call a Democrat “liberal” and that’ll get you votes. I’m hoping we can see the odious Johnson replaced by a black Democrat, Barnes, but you just can’t trust the Wisconsin electorate. All that cheese and ranch dressing has poisoned their brains.


  1. hemidactylus says

    Calling Democrats libruls is obsolete, harkening back to a golden age of an awkward Dukakis wearing a helmet in a tank. Clinton ran as a New Democrat not a liberal.

    Nowadays we are all “woke”, meaning we cringe at laws making it implicitly ok to run over BLM protestors and decry education standards that would make reflecting on historical racist moments such as the Rosewood massacre or firebombing the house of civil rights pioneer Harry T Moore anathema because a white kid might feel guilty about it.

    Oh and we woke are concerned by SCOTUS taking a wrecking ball to Jefferson’s wall: https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2022/08/10/supreme-court-separation-of-church-and-state-00050571
    …since this is most definitely a Christian nation and we woke have knocked fundies off their god-given pedestals.

    Like the 205 commies in the State Department ca 1950 we woke want to destroy Merka with our neomarxist pomo concerns.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    The kind of cheese that can rot the brain tends to be green, and cost more.
    It is like the the blood of the Alien.
    Än alternative explanation is that a lot of toxic waste got dumped in Minnesota a generation ago.*
    * does Fox News count as toxic waste?

  3. says

    Democrats ARE NOT “liberal”. “Liberal” is NOT left. These are all different things. Democrats are moderates. “Liberal” is a very amorphous term. Social liberals are more aligned with the left, but financial liberals are the bankers and stock brokers shredding the middle class. There’s a whole lot more going on than simple “liberal bad, conservative good”. Don’t let the right define our politics, it’s a trap. They have been hammering us with this BS for decades.

    I am an unapologetic SOCIALIST. That makes me left, but DO NOT call me a liberal. I believe in regulating financial markets. Liberal economics is a scam to steal money from the working class. I had a front row seat for the Enron fiasco after they deregulated the energy industry. Millions of dollars were shifted from honest hard working people to energy conglomerates and they still haven’t fixed it. Look at Texas last year if you want to know why deregulating basic utilities doesn’t work. Look at American health care to see why deregulation doesn’t work. Government has a role to play.

    Sorry I just woke up and I’m rambling again.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    It is a source of great embarassment to me that so many Minnesotans come from Scandinavia.
    Maybe we should bring them over to recover in a Fox-free environment. Sorta like post-stroke rehabilitation.

  5. hemidactylus says

    @4- Ray Ceeya
    Seriously though liberal is a mess of a term. Another blogger who shall not named has referred to himself as a classical liberal without perhaps reflecting on what that means for his poseur leftism. Liberal shifted from laissez faire ideology to a more interventionist gov’t stance perhaps around the era of FDR and the New Deal. Classical preceded that tectonic change. Progressivism had stood for more gov’t regulation before that, including who was deemed fit for procreation. Given the issues with those terms I say we wrestle the “woke” term back from the McCarthyites and poseur left new atheists who have facilitated the right-turning backlash with their unschooled rhetoric. I see you just woke up yourself.

  6. says

    Take this as you will. I live in a WOW county of WI. The WOW counties are Milwaukee’s suburbs and key GOP vote generators. They are needed to balance out Dane (Madison) and Milwaukee running up blue vote totals. none of my coworkers are planning to vote for Johnson and the causal chatter I have heard out and about has been negative for Johnson.

  7. consciousness razor says

    Democrats ARE NOT “liberal”. “Liberal” is NOT left. These are all different things. Democrats are moderates.

    I understand your intent here, but that is a totally bonkers description as well. No offense intended.

    It’s a very extreme position, not a moderate one, to say that people don’t have a right to healthcare, for instance. It’s not “moderate” to say that we shouldn’t have a federal minimum wage increase, supposedly because the parliamentarian thinks it wouldn’t affect the budget in precisely the right ways. It’s also not “moderate” to support the government of Israel’s countless human rights violations against Palestinians (and to do this, because it’s believed to further our imperialistic agenda throughout the middle east). It’s not moderate but at best greed and stupidity, to give more tax credits for rich folks to invest in the solar industry, because the government can simply make such infrastructure whenever it’s needed without any of that privatization nonsense. And so on and so forth.

    These are just shitheaded positions to take that are defending the status quo. But that status quo itself is not a thing of moderation, so to speak…. Many people live in some very extreme circumstances, although some others may be too comfortable to even recognize that occasionally. (Much more often, I think they just don’t care.) When someone supports that sort of shit, it’s more radical than anything you’ll hear from a democratic socialist. I mean, we just want democracy (not this fake stuff) and socialism, which can make people’s lives livable at least and (if it’s really what you really want) as boringly “moderate” as you could ever hope for. If you wanted the real fireworks — not the good kind, but tons of death and destruction, like endless drone strikes and environmental disasters and police brutality and whanot — then go to the self-described “moderates.”

  8. unclefrogy says

    it is hard for me to tell if what I see happening is true and not what I want to see happening.
    The majority of people just want to live their lives with some level of security and creature comfort. They do not want to be bossed around by government officials, ass hole employers, or busybody neighbors. They do not want to take the time to wade through all to political rhetoric to find out the truth. They at least here in America have been poorly educated and deceived far too often. Does the last election mark a change in the effectiveness of the empty conservative argument? The beginning of the end of the romance with the rightwing?
    In the end it is becoming very clear that the right wing is advocating for the power and control by governmental officials into areas that should be private personal concerns, the ultimate power of “the job creators” and bossy busybody “neighbors” they want to control what to believe and what to think and what can be said

  9. steve1 says

    Wisconsin sounds like Florida. The Republican trying to primary my republican congressman is calling him a llibral. The congressman has never been a libral and he has long jumped on the Trump train.