1. birgerjohansson says

    Movies… God Awful Movies just dissected a secular, trashy 1979 science fiction film för their Patreon members.
    Named ‘Star Odyssey’ it was described as “so bad it has to be seen to be believed”
    Tarkovsky’s long films are more divisive; either you love them or find them boring.
    The important thing is to avoid predictible plots.
    Just for the hell of it, someone should finance a David Lynch re-make of Star Wars. Or The Naked Gun by zombie Sam Peckinpah.

  2. submoron says

    The Peter Cook and Dudley Moore with Kenneth Williams ‘Hound of the Baskervillles’ it pretty bad too.

  3. lotharloo says

    Tarkovsky’s movies are great. Mirror, Stalker and Andrei Rublev are fantastic. A lot of the older japanese movies are great too. Recommend Woman of the Dunes if you have not seen it (who am I kidding; I would be surprised if more than one person has seen it).

  4. Rob Grigjanis says

    lotharloo @6: TCM did a Japanese New Wave marathon a couple years ago, including Woman in the Dunes. Excellent stuff.

  5. sprocket says

    @6 Woman in the Dunes along with Eros + Massacre are two of my favourite avant garde movies. I had just read a piece earlier today pointing to the story as a great example of how little world building matters.

  6. lotharloo says

    I have not seen Eros + Massacre but it seems very difficult to find and MUBI is not showing it :(.