Shh, don’t tell my colleagues. Especially not the arachnophobic ones

The science building at UMM is full of spiders! I didn’t do it, though, these belong to species I do not keep in the lab, so they’re not escapees.
A few days ago, I posted a video about Steatoda borealis. The specimens I used were all fairly light-colored, with lots of tan and orange. Here’s one my wife caught in the stairwell.

Practically a solid black. Down near the coxa of the limbs you can see hints of orangish tan, but otherwise, remarkable dark.
Also in the stairwell today, I spotted a flattie, a little running crab spider, or Philodromus.

If you use the handrail on the stairs, one of these might be hiding under it.
Not my fault!


  1. kome says

    Hm, so if I need to use the internet in Morris, go to the science building on UMM campus. It’s clearly got the best web connection.

  2. emery says

    Sooo … they’re not escapees? lol We should at least admit that we can’t exclude for sure that there were escapees just on PZ’s say so. I would like to suggest that the best thing to do now is to organize an open, international forum inviting experts on both sides: the side that thinks lab leak is extremely unlikely, and the side that thinks there’s enough chance of a lab leak to push hard for an investigation. Let’s meet in Paris. No government chaperones allowed! Things will be told. ;)

  3. John Morales says

    In Australian news: Citizen scientist’s quest to count every species on his Victorian property.

    One special creature Mr Campbell has found on his property is the flying peacock spider.

    “I’ll never forget my first sighting of maratus volans, the flying peacock spider,” he said.

    “I was actually out trying to see if I could find one of the jumping spiders that imitates an ant, or an ant-mimic as we’d call it. Anyway, there I was, out in the bush, when I noticed some odd movement among some ants.

    “Something jumped. I thought, ‘Right, found one.’ But as I knelt down and focused on the small spider, I was amazed. It was a peacock spider, the thing I’d seen on the internet.

    (Rather pretty, actually. Picture included in article)

  4. Erp says

    @5 John Morales, second on that peacock spider (Maratus) picture being pretty