The late, great Catface

I am sorry to report that, on my latest scan of my house, I have discovered that our beloved feral friend, the Cat-Faced Spider That Lives Under the Eaves of our Garage, has died. She seems to have passed quietly in her web, probably due to the dropping temperatures in the area. She simply curled up quietly and died, possibly just overnight.

Internment will be tomorrow. I’m warming the body in my house in case she revivifies.

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  1. nomdeplume says

    I lost an orb web spider a couple of winters back, frozen in her web after a particularly cold night. She had survived many other cold nights by moving into a space under the guttering of the house, then emerging each day. My guess is the night that killed her was like the reverse of the boiling frog story – she got colder and colder without noticing until she was too cold to reach the usual shelter. Or maybe she had jus